In support of Gay Pride month here is a repost of our article on our Top 10 List Of Amazing LGBT Nerd Icons! I Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on your favorite LGBT Icons you adore!


There is no denying that within the geek culture there is a slew of amazing heroes and heroines. We find these handful of character with such amazing personalities that they quickly become our favorites and we’re rooting for them in all their story lines.  One thing about being a part of an amazing sub culture of nerds and geek is the fact that we are usually the outsiders and we relate to these fictional character because we can identify with them. We have the ability to envision our lives as theirs or be inspired to pursue our dreams and overcome obstacles. Another great thing about our culture is the progressiveness that has been shown, example being the first interracial kiss between Kirk and Uhura on the original Star Trek.

LGBT representation in comics/games/and media has always been there. The problem was that is was never openly stated, it was always hidden and alluded in subtext, but you knew. In this day and age it is great when we can find character that are proudly out in the open and no fucks are given because, dammit, we can be just as bad-ass as Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman!

Here are my top 10 favorite LGBT Character in no particular order, that are a whole bucket of amazing and just super bad-ass.

Captain Jack Harkness

This has to be my first thought for the best characterization of someone anyone can look up to as an icon none-the-less a LGBT icon. Captain Jack Harkness is cool as all get out, with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eyes he loves everyone, making him the all encompassing pan-sexual, immortal, time-traveling character of Doctor Who and Torchwood. With a simple “Hey” he can make you melt into a puddle, that being the charm of the good Captain. What makes him great is how the character is portrayed as being this tough, brave, and confident character that defies all stereotypes.

Wallace Wells

Wallace Wells is unapologetic about his sexuality, but don’t leave him around your boyfriend because he’ll end up bedding him in a blink of an eye. From the graphic novel “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World” to the movie of the same name, Wallace Wells is calm, cool, and collective as the roommate of the main character Scott Pilgrim. Usually a sounding board for Scott, Wallace gives out sound advice all while in his boxers with a drink in his hand, as he always reminds Scott how he’s his bitch. After  all everything is owned by Wallace, even the bed where they sleep together (in the most platonic way ever).

Willow Rosenberg

Buffy the Vampire Slayer will always be an amazing example of strong, independent woman, who can kick butt just the same if not better than the men. This show is the epitome of girl power in a progressive away. Along with that positive message is the positive representation of a strong Lesbian character in Willow Rosenberg. Willow started off as the shy brainy girl and slowly developed into a character who became sure of herself and her magical ability. Her love story with Tara was one of the first lesbian stories on TV and was depicted carefully as a progression of friendship to love then the aftermath of grief and rage as Tara was killed. Thus making her a force to be recon with.


One of my all time favorite shows growing up, who couldn’t resist this tough-as-nails warrior and her amazing battle cry! Xena would be a perfect example of a LGBT character under the guise of subtext and innuendos. Although shown many times to have had many gentlemen callers, her relationship with her trusty sidekick Gabrielle was more than just friendship, but developed into a deeper relationship than what the producers would ever admit too. The thing is that their relationship was basically hinted as cannon, depicted in an episode taken place in the present day as the characters were reincarnated. Funny enough Xena was reincarnated as a man named Harry O’Casey, in the form of Joxer the Mighty, and Gabrielle as Mattie Merrill in her original form. At the end of the episode both reincarnated Xena and Gabrielle take off together as a couple. Also lending more credence to Xena’s sexuality is the character’s actress, Lucy Lawless, as she definitely saw the character as Gay citing the fact that the last episode of the series cemented it for her as Gabrielle revived Xena by passing water from her mouth to Xena’s, which made it look awfully like a full on kiss. Whether Xena is a Lesbian or not she has become a role model and Icon for the LGBT community, earning her a spot as a top icon.


I think Dumbledore has to be one of the most controversial LGBT character as of late. The mere fact that his sexuality was never addressed or hinted in the story has created a divide within the fandom, and with critics alike. Praised as revolutionary due to the fact that he was depicted as just a normal, yet, amazing person without his orientation being his whole identity, and criticized for pandering or the lack of any presence of his orientation at all in the novels. Whether you agree with it or not, there is no denying that it made an impact. Be it seen as positive or negative, it is truth that our beloved headmaster was a member of the LGBT community, and greatly loved.

Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell is a true representation of a Bisexual character on TV. Originally from the novel series “A Song of Fire and Ice” it is referenced that he is infamous for his sexual appetite. On Games of Throne, the series based of the novel, his sexual appetite is expanded to not only woman, but also men. What makes this character special is that he isn’t the stereotypical representation of a bisexual shown on television. Most bisexuals depicted in the media is usually a female temptress whose only purpose is to seduce and tantalize straight men. Aside from his sexuality being accurately depicted, Oberyn Martell is a cunning character. He comes to Kings Landing unsuspecting as a guest to King Joffrey’s royal wedding, but with a quiet, observing, menace he calculates revenge towards the Lannister and the misdeeds they did to his family. Labeled the Red Viper of Dorne, he is quick in battle with an intensive knowledge of poison. What is great about the character is his passion, to me that was what drew me in as a fan.

Sophia Burset

In my opinion actress Laverne Cox is THE breakout star in the show “Orange is the New Black” and her character Sophia Burst an instant fan favorite. Sophia Burset, like the actress portraying her, is a trans-female. What is so amazing about her character is that she is the first trans-woman person of color character to be shown on mainstream TV. Sophia Burset is a strong character who runs a small salon in prison. Her story that landed her in this facility is credit card fraud used to help her transition. She has a sharp wit about her and deflects the trans-phobia and bigotry she faces everyday in prison by the guards and prisoners themselves. She is seen to have had a wife who is her support, albeit difficult, she loves Sophia all the same. Her son mad and angry lashes out at Sophia by turning her into the cops, but is shown in an episode to slowly accept Sophia into his life.


Korra’s relationship with Assami has been speculated for seasons as the two grew close and shared pivotal emotional moments together, but the relationship was left vague. Not until the series finale when the two smiled at each other as they walked into the spirit portal was there any hint at being a couple. Even though it wasn’t specifically stated within the series, the ending left fans to debate on whether the two were indeed a couple or very close friends, and behold the hardcore shippers were indeed right. The creators took to the internet to confirm that when Korra and Assami entered the spirit portal together marked the start of them being an official couple. The initial idea was to make Korra and Assami a couple but since The Legend of Korra was a children’s show they decide not to make it all that prevalent until the series finale where they knew the relationship had to have some acknowledgments. Korra and Assami’s relationship is consider ground breaking showing a positive same sex couple in a children’s show.


Yes you are reading this right, Birdo from the Super Mario Bro. series is not a girl! Shocking, but this character has always been a male with the affinity for looking down right fabulous! In Super Mario Bros. 2 her bio states she is a boy, but perfers to be known as a girl and go by Birdette. Though Nintendo flip flops her gender going from girl one second and being Yoshi’s girlfriend, then back to her being a boy or gender confused. Though you can’t deny that this character is her(or his) own person looking fabulous in any game she’s in!

Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are two strong fighters, both beautiful and feminine, and both lovers! Growing up if you watched Sailor Moon you know in the American Dub that both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were really close cousin, but in Japan they were not cousins, not even blood related! They for sure were a couple and were often seen always together and would die for each other. With the reboot in tact both Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus can be free to be shown as lovers once more, and also in America!

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