It’s Halloween season and the spooks are piling up as everyone falls deeper into the Halloween spirit. But what is Halloween without pumpkins? Everybody loves pumpkins. Nah, not the latte variety–not that we’d turn down anything pumpkin flavored, but we’re talking about pumpkins carved with faces or silhouettes or scenes from our favorite bits of media. 


 Pumpkins become the next blank canvas for artists to leave their mark on, bringing us some beautiful and eye-catching creations. Whether you’re a whiz with a knife, a master at guiding shadows, or someone who just likes to look at the pretty pumpkins, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found.  

All my previous attempts to create artistic, clean designs have ended in disaster–droopy pumpkin features, slanted holes, jagged edges…it’s just a bit not good. Instead of further frustrating myself and massacring countless pumpkins in the name of a nerdy Halloween, I’ve learned to content myself with pictures of the most glorious and finely-carved pumpkins on the interwebs. Because these people are good. Real good. Maybe they’ll inspire you to get carving or maybe they’ll just leave you wondering how, but, either way, there’s plenty of glorious pumpkin goodness to be found here. 

1. This pumpkin is positively Supernatural


2. Look Morty….you just need to-to get on the pumpkin

3. This would be the ONE thing I couldn’t destroy in a level…no matter how many bolts it was worth (…..okay I guess it depends on how much we’re talking here because RYNO parts ain’t cheap)


4. Some people are asking for their pumpkins to be smashed.

[OC] I carved the scariest thing I could think of…

5. WHOA. See, this is why I’m not even going to try.

6. Either that Charizard is really pumped or his trainer doesn’t have a high enough badge to keep him under control…

7. I want one. Year Round.

8. Complete with Patronum. Magical.

9. If they start blinking….run.

10. How would our favorite Merc with a Mouth take to being turned into a pumpkin? Important things to ponder.

11. This pumpkin-carver didn’t throw away their shot

12. The pumpkin guts are somehow almost as bad as the actual thing….

13. Or, be like these folks. Go big or go home. 

Can’t choose just one fandom to represent on your front porch? Why do you have to?

Of course here’s the thing. My insistence on being spooky and themed with a 13 count down means we’re just barely scratching the surface here. I could be lost amongst the R2D2s, Simbas, Game of Thrones sigils, and classic throwback Nick cartoons for hours and hours and hours. I could miss Halloween entirely. It’s amazing. Find a cool pumpkin carving not on this list? Carve or paint one yourself? I’d love to see it! Comment here or tweet me @staceyshuttles

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