Grab your controllers, ready your 8-bit love, and get hyped up because the sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph” is official! While the news of the film had been swirling around for ages, mostly led on by John C. Reilly and his letting details slip here and there, the official confirmation came today via a live Facebook… Read More »

Following a leak, The Pokemon Company confirmed a slew of new Pokemon for the upcoming Sun / Moon release. In the video, we get a taste of each new addition via a battle clip, and a rundown of each new creature. Right now, we don’t have much information on the specifics of the newly introduced… Read More »

The days before a convention can be stressful and a little bit overwhelming, what with schedules releasing and plans finalizing and vendors announcing their wares. Cosplayers struggle to finish their projects before Day 0 and the overarching excitement makes it hard to focus on real life. For first time con attendees, the uncertainty of what to… Read More »

With the release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” steadily approaching, author J.K. Rowling has slowly been giving readers a look into the world of North American magic. We’ve already had a look at the history of North America, but now it’s time to look into the magical school in North America. No… Read More »

Late night television’s Conan O’Brien is back in San Diego this year for San Diego Comic Con 2016, and is bringing his show and fun with him back to the Spreckels Theater! Check out the update from earlier this week below: This July, Conan’s taking the show BACK to Comic-Con®, taping all-new episodes July 20-23… Read More »

FX announced today the renewal of “Archer” for three additional 8 episode seasons. What does this mean for fans of the sophisticatedly unsophisticated spy? It means that the animated comedy  will sit live on your television or streaming device through Season 10. Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions, had this to… Read More »

Witches. Wizards. Giveaways. Broomsticks. Spells. Music. Improv! Celebrate your love of all things Harry Potter with a special Harry Potter Night at The Last Bookstore, a beloved–and extremely cool–rarity of a bookstore in downtown LA. The combination of an adventurous Improv act, The Show That Shall Not Be Named, and a building full of Harry Potter nerds makes… Read More »

  As excitement for both the upcoming colossal affair that is known as SDCC and the opening of the next Star Trek installment ramps up, fans are clamoring for a way into the exclusive, out of this world Red Carpet Premiere event–which happens to combine both of these events. On Wednesday, July 20th, AKA Preview Night… Read More »

The newest iteration of Pokemon came out to play in full force during the Nintendo Treehouse livestreams, showing a live gameplay demo and introducing viewers to a couple of new Pokemon as well as a colorful cast of characters you can expect to encounter in the region of Alola, the sprawling Hawaiian influenced islands that… Read More »

It’s all a dream. A prophetic vision warning her against pompousness. Jaqen H’ghar wearing Arya’s face testing the waif wearing an old woman’s visage. The waif wearing Arya’s face being attacked by an old woman-face-wearing Arya. The girl that walks by right before Arya is stabbed is the real Arya. A warning vision sent by… Read More »

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