HBO released a second Game of Thrones Season Six trailer earlier, and the internet has been awash in new speculation and wild flailing. This trailer, while still enticingly mysterious and brief in its’ glimpses of what is yet to come, offers even more puzzle pieces for us to use as theoretical building blocks. And while the fleeting glimpses may not tell us anything outright, they have given us plenty of clues to formulate some pretty impressive theories.

Let’s talk about a few very cool theories to be pulled from the most recent trailer, especially in regards to the happenings of the Greyjoys and Starks.

As ever, proceed with caution. Both show and book speculation runs rampant below!

spoiler alert

Watch the full trailer:

Now, let’s get to the breakdown!

39 pod and brienne in riverrun

I have no crazy theory to accompany this screenshot, but it is worth noting that Brienne and Pod appear to be in Riverrun, or at least somewhere loyal to the Tullys, judging by the flag hanging behind them (sidenote wooot my house is in the trailer!). Perhaps bringing Brienne back round to the surviving Tullys is a way to circumvent the lack of Lady Stoneheart, keeping Brienne faithfully in their employ. Perhaps it’s a way to alert the Tullys to Sansa’s need and bring them into the fold of battle when everyone rides out against the Boltons. Perhaps the Tullys will demand Jaime’s head of her and lead to their potentially deadly reunion.

Speaking of their hopeful reunion–can we get on with that already? I’m really sick of the stagnant Jaime of the show. Let’s get his character arcing here! Time to move past Cersei yo.

6 if its your blood yeah bro
The High Sparrow & Jaime duke it out….we just wish there was more blood and less talking.
7 yo jaime chill
When Cersei can’t handle things, send in Jaime.

Speaking of Cersei, too. I am having a difficult time caring about the petty shit going on in King’s Landing. Cersei’s war against the Sparrows is so insignificant at this point….I mean, the only thing she’s doing is keeping the kingdom from recognizing the true threat of the North and priming “Robert Strong” for a fated meeting with his brother. I can forgive all other unnecessary shit she does for this alone. CleganeBowl is extremely important.

20 robert strong is a real dick
Gregor, chill dude.

As soon as this first trailer popped up, I put together a list of Ten Things to Get Hype About. There was a little wild speculation on that post, and a few moments expanded on/confirmed with this new trailer.

Liike Tyrion with the torch, in the dungeon, to see the dragons. We finally got a little glimpse of them in this new trailer, and they don’t seem particularly thrilled with the visit. Now, how unthrilled remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though: Either Tyrion will be revealed as the Dragon-Whisperer or he’ll end up the show version of Quentyn Martell.

47 tyrion is either gonna get quentynd or be dragon slayer 48 big dragons

11 bran is training not napping promise

More Bran! We’re slowly seeing more into Bran’s life, a facet of the show we’ve been missing for an entire season. The voice-over during this flash struck me, because it is not directly related to this moment and yet might indicate a connection. “Who are you?” a kindly voice questions, and we watch these two moments pass before the trailer cuts to Arya and she answers, “No one.”

12 bran is warging hence who are you

But the way Bran’s eyes roll back, the way his head snaps and his mouth is slightly open–these are clear indications that Bran is not lingering within his own head. “Who are you?” The question applies. We are likely seeing Bran amidst the throes of either a green dream (tower of joy, tower of joy, tower of joy) or whilst warging. It’s an interesting parallel to draw between the siblings, and a subtle use of voiceover. We’ve known for some time that Arya Stark is having trouble disappearing, but now we are also introduced to the duplicity of Bran’s self now that he’s been gone for training an entire season.


10 drogons here to fuck shit u
Drogon is fucking huge.
18 jorah's life still sucks
Jorah continues to get the short end of the stick


All of these caps are cool and interesting and just help to hype up the 6th season, but there were a few very telling moments that really got the ball rolling, theory-wise.

Telling Moment #1: Yara’s Arc Is Heating Up

yarra in volantis maybe

This occurrence isn’t new, since we watched Yara macking on this girl in the first trailer, too, but the change in angle is extremely revealing. That little triangle on her cheek? Like, the stylized teardrop tattoo given to Volantene slaves whose occupation is prostitution?

42 lesbians
Here’s the first time this scene appears, for reference

This could, of course, mean several things. Uncle Euron, who has been away traveling before his big return to claim the Seastone Chair, could have brought a right array of slaves and exotic peoples from Volantis and the surrounding areas, and mayhaps Yara simply took a shine to one of them–or was gifted her in a bid to lessen her threat to his coveted crown.

I have a slightly different theory to expand upon, however, and it involves a deal more traveling for Yara.

Postulate #1: Yara is taking the place of Victarion Greyjoy in the show.

Postulate #2: She is going to pass through Volantis on her way to Mereen.

28 she wants to be queen but no

Since no news of casting for the fourth Greyjoy sibling, Victarion, has surfaced, his omission in the show is rather likely. In the books, Victarion is sent away on a key mission for his brother and now King, Euron. He is to sail to Mereen with a marriage proposal for Daenerys Targaryen, bringing with him the Dragonbinder, a horn that can supposedly bind a dragon’s will to the horn’s owner.

During their rough travels, Victarion encounters a red priest from Volantis. This priest, Moqorro, is also seeking Dany, as the High Priest Benerro believes that she is Azor Ahai come again. Moqorro is largely distrusted by Victarion’s crew, but proves useful and seemingly loyal to Victarion, who allows him a position with his crew and they journey together. Victarion even begins taking his council.

Based on the scene between Yara and the Volantene slave girl and the lack of Victarion casting, I can begin to believe that Yara is stepping up to the plate in his place. It would also afford her a new direction, since her raiding of the North seems insignificant now that a major war is breaking out between Boltons and…well, everyone else. Plus, we have the Night’s King and his Whitewalkers to worry about.

23 moqorro or what

The internet’s been abuzz with questions about this newly introduced lady chatting with Varys and Tyrion. From her garb, she appears similar to Melisandre, our resident red priestess. SPOILER ALERT: Ania Bukstein, our mysterious lady, appears here as a character known as the High Priestess of Volantis, a red priestess by the name of Kinvara. Following that knowledge…

who dis

Postulate #3: Kinvara is a conglomerate of Benerro (The High Priest of R’Hllor at the temple in Volantis, believes Dany is Azor Ahai come again) & Moqorro (the red priest sent by Benerro to find Victarion Greyjoy and Dany).

Eliminating the middle man, Kinvara could logically interact with Yara on her travels and arrive in Mereen to chat with its’ current rulers. Whether she will be friend or foe is yet to be seen, but if she shares book Benerro’s notion that Dany is the savior, she could possibly prove an asset for our Mereenese crew.


Is there any truth to these theories? Well, who knows. Maybe my tin foil hat has grown so large that it has obscured all rational thought. Maybe I’m so desperate I’m willing to latch on to the tiniest glimmer of understanding, only to watch as it is hurled back in my face later. Only the show can serve to disprove these developing theories.

But let’s just stop and take a moment to appreciate what a powerful group of women are potentially congregating in Mereen. I’m into this theory for that possibility alone.


Telling Moment #2: Copious Amounts of Stark Love

16 YASS queen also stark motif strong


Sansa Stark is back in Stark attire and Davos is riding in front of a Stark banner. The rise of the Starks is at hand! Sansa is here to kick ass and take names while Davos is going to be good and wise and protect all of the little Stark babies.

Because the banners in the background make a pretty good case for Sansa and Davos’ meeting and subsequent team-up.

2 davos is so important also jon snow
Yeah, still convinced this is direct aftermath of Ser Alliser bursting through the door. Get ’em, Ghost!


31 lannister lions in background possibly

I mean, look at this brave guy. The banners are a little ambiguous, but they don’t look like the friendly direwolf. Honestly, at first glance Lannister is the obvious silhouette but my money is on Mormont. Nonetheless, he is making a most rational, passionate plea–because Davos gets that all the petty mortal squabbles mean nothing against the raging cold that is building just beyond the Wall.

It really looks like this is the year everyone jumps on the Davos hype train with me. Time to spread the Davos love, because this man. THIS MAN. He has been a driving factor in all of the trailers and I am just so proud of my precious little onion knight okay guys—just–just give me a moment I promise we’ll be back to furious speculation in no time….If I wasn’t so torn over the concept of Azor Ahai and Lightbringer being simply complete bullshit, I would tell you right now that Davos is undoubtedly Lightbringer made flesh, and the prophecy was actually talking about a person and not a weapon but c’mon it’s not like I’ve ever even considered that theory alright?

Okay, okay. I’m going to stop screaming incoherently about Davos now. Back to the trailer:

We still see an awful lot of dead Jon Snow, but with forces gathering and Starks rising and winter coming (for real this time guys), the dead are certainly rising.

30 now THIS is what we care about
See, this is what we care about.
22 everyone v boltons here we go
This is going to be an insane battle. We can’t wait
4 yooo tormund
Time for everyone to team up against the Boltons

1 meeting at castle black   41 boltons going hard against wildlings


What did you get from the trailer? What are you most excited about? There’s a lot I missed–I could go on forever and no one wants that. But please share your thoughts in the comments!


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