Funko has been steadily acquiring new licenses and planning new products, gaining popularity and overwhelming collectors with so many things to buy. From the classic pop vinyls to articulate Legacy collections, Funko has been consistent in development. Whether you can’t get enough of the Dorbz, pride yourself on your rare Hikari collection, love the thrill of the mystery minis, cherish the terrible charm of the Reaction series, or devote yourself to collecting the Funko plushies at every turn, fans can find something to love in Funko’s vast assortment.

For us, it’s largely pop figures that clutter the bookshleves and perch on all available surfaces. And with the constant releases and the promise of more to come in 2016, there’s a lot to keep track of. Here are some of the announcements we’ve already had confirmed on our constantly updating list of Funko product releases, complete with pictures if they exist and tips on where they’re available!

With the New York Toy Fair over the weekend of February 14th, we now have even more upcoming releases, plus tons of revealed figures! is awesome enough to provide a PDF copy of the Funko catalog detailing releases, so be sure to check that out for every Funko release.



deadpool variants

Fans aren’t the only ones stoked about Deadpool’s upcoming movie debut. Funko announced a wide line of Deadpool products for release in the first few months, including a bunch of pop! figure variants.



Captain Marvel! Dr. Strange! Spider Gwen!

Batman vs Superman


The announced Batman and Superman 2 pack looks like it’s going to be a Toys’R’Us exclusive.

Hot Topic also released their Batman vs. Superman line-up in a January 1st e-mail. Joining the duo are fellow heroes Wonder Woman and Aquaman, joined by a nightmare Batman and Superman Soldier.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2

Funko has now added several new Star Wars characters to the pop! mold, including an older Han Solo, General Leia, and General Ackbar. There’s also a Loot Crate exclusive Han Solo in snow gear, released with their December Crate.

funko-star-wars han and leia the force awakens pop image hot topic

Barnes & Noble has also announced a Finn with lightsaber variant, so keep an eye out in stores!


Also new are General Leia (yay!) and MAZ, as well as lightsaber ready Rey and Kylo. We also finally have a Luke–and a General Hux.

star wars

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies

pride prejudice and zombies funko pop figures

I don’t even like Jane Austen but these pop! figures are super cute. Must be the part about the zombies.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Pop! Disney Series Vinyl Figures - the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Cheshire Cat & the Queen of Hearts

Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates jack elizabeth davey

There’s been a sole Jack Sparrow in the pop! world for some time, but now we’ll finally see more of the crew and an official Pirate box designation.

Fast and Furious

fast and furious pop vinyl - Brian Oconner Dom Toretto Luke Hobbs 1970 Charger

Kung Fu Panda

Funko POP! Kung Fu Panda Group


Funko POP! Shrek Group

The Hateful Eight

hateful eight pop vinyl



Captain America: Civil War

This pop set is plentiful and includes SPOILERS, so proceed carefully.

civil war pops

There are also a good handful of exclusives, mainly centered around unmasked versions of our heroes.

Hot Topic Exclusive: Unmasked Iron Man Pop! and Falcon Pop!
Target Exclusive: Crossbones (Battle Damage)
Walgreens Exclusive: Unmasked Black Panther
Barnes & Noble Exclusive: Unmasked Crossbones
GameStop Exclusive: Action Pose Captain America

civil war civil

Suicide Squad


Warcraft Movie


Descendants, Moana, The Good Dinosaur, Up

disney up

Cheech & Chong

This Entire Page


Bill and Ted–I probably flipped my lid most over this one. YEEEEES.

But we’re also getting Ferris Bueller (dancing AND stationary), Mean Girls, and Clueless. Score!





ghostbusters reboot

Independence Day Resurgence

independence day resurgence pop figures



Top Gun

Dark Crystal

dark crystal

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

willy wonka and oompa loompa

Taxi Driver


Preorder on Entertainment Earth

The A-Team

the a team






We’ve seen tons of Arrow pop figures over the past year, including approximately 5 Oliver Queen variants, but now we’re finally getting a Felicity Smoak! And she’s live for preorder on Entertainment Earth. Also, Speedy!


The Flash


Zoom will be joining The Flash line-up, leaving poor Barry pretty much surrounded by enemies in Pop figure form. Time for Caitlin and Cisco, right?!






Bobby Singer and Castiel as “Steve” have begun popping up in Hot Topics, with a few more rumored to be on the way.

Game of Thrones


The newest wave of Game of Thrones has been officially previewed, bringing us the likes of Margaery, Melisandre, Jorah, and Stannis. This lot is pretty heavy on the non-Westeros crew, with an Unsullied and Son of the Harpy present, and a Daenerys pop! Ride.

game of thrones


Futurama Series 2

FunkoPlanet has pre-orders live for a Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan, Nibbler, and Zoidberg.


friends pop

Seems like we’ve been waiting on the official release for quite awhile now! They’re beginning to show up at Hot Topic, so keep an eye out!

Adventure Time Wave 3

at marc

Steven Universe

steven universe pop figure set

Another series that’s been popping up as pre-releases in Hot Topic stores. Get ’em now! You can also find them for sale on Cartoon Network’s website.


Powerpuff Girls

Rick & Morty

rick and morty

I had to wipe away a tear of pure joy at the beauty of these pops.

Star vs The Forces of Evil

Pickle and Peanut

Power Rangers

Golden Girls

golden girls


Mr. Robot

The Walking Dead

Bravest Warriors Bugcat

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Reboot Pop! Vinyl Figures Series 1 by Funko - Lt. Starbuck, Six & Cylon Centurion





Bob’s Burgers Wave 2

bobs burgers

Looney Tunes Duck Dodgers

Alien Queen




fallout wave 2 dogmeat vault dweller power armor

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

assassin's creed syndicate

Call of Duty

Dark Soul

Pac Man

This one’s gonna be good. I can feel it.

UPDATE: They are. They are good.


Resident Evil

Mega Man

Playstation Licenses: Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Little Big Planet, Twisted Metal


We’ve got Nathan Drake, Kratos, and the Red Knight on the way!



A recent push has brought a wide range of Anime related figures to Funko’s ever-growing production line. We’ve talked previously about how exciting it is that Funko has acquired more Anime licenses and allowed for fans to show their interests without breaking the bank, so we’re happy to see the trend continue and bring an even wider assortment to the mainstream market.

Fairy Tail

fairy tail

Fairy Tail fans can expect to see Lucy, Natsu, and Happy on the shelves of their local stores. They’ve already popped up as a Hot Topic Pre-Release in many stores and online.

Soul Eater

soul eater

Soul Eater’s Soul Evans and Maka Albarn can also be found as Hot Topic Pre-Releases, slated for wide release early 2016 as well.

One Piece

one piece

Dragonball Z

According to, series 2 is set to include Trunks, Krillin, Gohan, Bulma, Majiin Buu, and Goku & Nimbus.

Update: From the catalog, here are the designs!

dragonball z

Sailor Moon

sailor moon




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