Basically, we’re nerds. Doing stuff. And in this world, there’s certainly a lot of stuff to be done. This project may have only been founded in January of 2015, but Stacey Legrand and Robby Shuttleworth, the original nerds behind the idea, have been knee-deep in the culture for almost as long as they can remember.

We believe that there’s nothing more enjoyable than immersing yourself in the things that make you happy. For us, it’s geeking out about a wide range of TV shows, movies, books, comics, and the gradual progression of daily life to something straight out of a science fiction story. Today’s media may be inspiring, but the fan culture that has sprung up in response is downright incredible. This project is a way for us to share our personal feelings with like-minded people, to keep generating the level of wonder and excitement that powers fandoms and lives extravagantly at conventions. This is another way to participate in a community that is near and dear to our hearts.

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