Eager to put the traumatic lines of the past few years behind them, Anime Expo looks like they’re making good on the promise to keep fans from waiting long hours simply to obtain the badge that grants access to one of the foremost and largest Anime celebrations in the world.

ax lineA snapshot via Twitter just before 6 o’clock on Day 0, prime time for attendees to be queuing up for their passes, showed a wide open space with many available volunteers.

Many users are reporting being able to walk in and get their pass within seconds, with the furthest (right after lines opened) clocking in at around an hour. It’s definitely going well so far.

There’s already so much to be excited for during this year’s Anime Expo, and it looks like short lines for badge pick-up is another plus to look forward to!

With one less line, you’re still sure to expect wait times when getting into panels, especially the spotlight and heavily anticipated ones, so don’t let your guard down simply because AX pre-registration is a finely oiled machine this year.

Day 1 is nearly upon us, and with it, more badge pick up and the grand opening of the main event. Are you ready to join the crowd eagerly standing in the convention center’s foyer waiting for that big, exciting exhibit hall to open? We sure are.

In  the meantime, check out some of our tips for enjoying your Anime Expo to the fullest or peruse the official schedule to make sure you’re completely prepared. Or, maybe you’re more like us and have a date with CrunchyRoll until it’s time to roll off the couch and crawl into the day’s cosplay–this is convention season, where sleep is for the weak. Or so I tell myself to justify the cosplay prep and TV binging all-nighters.

Whether or not you choose a full night’s rest before the con, it’s bound to be a good time. What are you most looking forward to? What’s on your must-see list? Leave a message in the comments or tweet us so we can all share in the excitement together!

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