Artist’s Alley has always been one of the most vibrant, fan driven sections of Anime Expo, filled to bursting with talented artists and creators who lovingly handcraft prints, charms, jewelry, clothes, and all sorts of plushies. Fandoms get the love that fans crave, with content that is born from inside to represent the missing merchandising opportunities. Just a quick scan of the sprawling Alley gives attendees an idea of the diversity available within its rows. You can find art styles anywhere from hyper-realistic to super soft kawaii.

It’s overwhelming and wonderful and the talent is stunning. Every artist there deserves to be recognized for their dedication and accomplishments. And as buyers, it sometimes hurts to walk away from a booth without buying the thing that caught your eye in the first place.


Table B80. Just go. Go and bask in some absolutely gorgeous artwork. It’s so pretty. SO. Pretty. It’s a mix of fandom and twists on fairytales and some truly lovely and original designs.




Cute art, adorably hilarious Pokemon motivational posters, and creativity running rampant await anyone who finds the artist behind Milkbun at table A82.



Belen Lazer Designs

Belen Lazer Designs makes sure all your badge needs are met in a gorgeous and hilarious way. Featuring a full set of Kanto Pokemon gym badges and Digimon tags, Belen Designs also has a wide array of super serious official badges. Like a “you tried” star. Or for the more daring anime-lovers, wear your status on your lapel–are you the Designated Uke or Seme? Personally, I needed the “dealt with it” star and a badge that reads “Kawaii as fuck”.
IMG_0520Many of his items are available online, but for those attending Anime Expo, make sure to stop by Booth G39 in Artist’s Alley.

Fizzy Fairy Apothecary

IMG_0524Fizzy Fairy is on hand all weekend with delightfully scented and nerdily themed bath bombs. Seeing as I love all things nerdy and need more excuses to take pretty good smelling baths, you can’t get much cooler than this. I mean, Pokeball bath bombs. It’s genius. I’m probably going back for all of them. Not too extravagant or anything, of course.

Be nerdy and support independent creators–it’s a win-win that doesn’t involve a trip to Lush.



Miss Alphabet

Prepare to go broke because vintage style adorable dress, skirts, shirts, and everything in between exists in Miss Alphabet’s arsenal. Disney, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake–it’s all here, and more. From delicate food and bow combination jewelry to apparel that’s designed to flatter and showcase your nerdiness, this booth is a dream come true for fangirls who wanna rep their geekiness and look super cute doing it.


Not at Ax? Fret not! All of her unique designs are available on Etsy. Otherwise, head over to Artist’s Alley H64 to take a look in person.


Bows, bows, bows! And maybe a few more bows. I’m going to learn how to incorporate bows into all of my styles so I can wear all these bows. But seriously, they’re adorable and definitely accessories worth picking up during your travels. Plus, she’s absolutely charming and very convincing. Check her out at K60 in Artist’s Alley


Happys Charms

Booth D23 is where you’ll find the lovely charms by artist Ginny Salcido. The booth features cute Starbucks, poptart, and character miniature charms that are perfect additions to keyrings or phones. She also has a selection of stunning canvases on display. The Pikachu poptart charm is simply too cute to resist.


Fox Estacado Art

Don’t be afraid to get your ship on with the creatively exciting way to express your love…of two character’s love. Did you know you needed a shirt that tells people to ask you about your ship? Now you do. Plus these tees provide an illustration to clearly explain your favorites in a silly and fun way. Don’t walk past tables C-102-103 without exploring what’s on the flipside of the t-shirts. It’s worth it.


Also cute underwear. Cute underwear can change your entire perspective, trust me.

Here’s what you’ll find at C 102-103: pretty art, silly underwear, creative t-shirts, and a lot of things you’ll want to buy.




These are just a few of our absolute favorites, booths that we simply couldn’t resist throwing our money at, but it’s only been one day and I’ve still got a stack of business cards to sort through since there’s no shortage of amazing talent at this year’s con! Anybody I might have missed? Let me know in the comments–even if my wallet is crying, my heart is happy.

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