Hey fellow nerds, if you’re anything like me you’ve watched the recently dropped Alien: Covenant trailer and all its accompanying reaction videos, shared it with your beloved wife in hopes she’s be just as excited as you are, and immediately regret said decision as the occasional getting lucky in the… Read More »

Upon waking up this morning, ingesting my usual dose of caffeine that can kill a lesser man, and absorbing all the new knowledge the internet has in store for the day…all I can hear is Michael Ironside bellowing “COME ON YOU APES, YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER!?!?!” That’s right, fellow nerds, 1997’s Starship Troopers is getting… Read More »

Let’s start this off the best way. I loathe reboots, remakes, and the majority of prequels (i.e. The Phantom Menace Syndrome). Is there really nothing new under the sun? Is there no creativity left in the minds of our writers? No flash of inspiration or enlightenment in all this murky, mundane, reality television saturated swill?

I’ve been trying as of late to write the next chapter of my book but all I seem to do is kill trees with scribbles and rage. But hey, that’s how one learns to write, isn’t it? So, in light of that, I’ll do another article with Nerds Doing Stuff about another fandom that’s so… Read More »

The millions of groans let out by fans everywhere during the third act of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine have been swiftly and suddenly silenced… unlike the title character of the upcoming redemption that is Deadpool!

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