Fans of the Star Wars franchise will like this one, especially those who got their hands on their on BB-8 this past 2015. Sphero, the company behind the miniature robotic friend, has something new up their sleeves, literally. Live now with the power of the Force with the “Star Wars Force Band™”

Introducing the Star Wars Force Band™ by Sphero. Like a true Jedi, you can now control your BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ with just a wave of your hand. Designed with an authentic Star Wars look and feel, the Force Band attaches to your wrist and allows you to use authentic Jedi Force gestures to operate BB-8.

Learn to control your Droid by mastering moves like Force push, pull, and drive. BB-8 will even follow you around based on the motion of your arm and the direction your body moves. Unlock new ways to play with BB-8 and train yourself in the ways of the Jedi with sounds, vibrations, and LED lights built right into the band.

The Force Band is compatible with BB-8 by Sphero, the adorable Droid that brought the magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ into your home. Fulfill your destiny and become a Jedi Master. May the Force will be with you…always.

Sphero brought the Force over to CES in Las Vegas, showcasing just what the Force Band can do for the folks over at Gizmodo. Sphero demonstrated the prototype hardware for the tracking wearable, which can be seen in their preview video.

We have a BB-8 of our own and were just rolling him around the floor of our apartment, controlling our little droid buddy with the use of app, based on our phone. This new technology will get rid of the need for the app. The wearable will most definitely be filled with all the tech you need to harness the power of the force. By the force, we mean super sensitive gyroscopic motion sensors, all of which work with BB-8’s motions. It’s pretty damn incredible.

Further details about the wearable include:

  • The ability to push and pull the droid in fluid motion
  • Precise steering
  • Pre-programmed moves
  • Different control modes
  • Head movement control (totally awesome!)

Because this is just being shown to the crowds at CES, it is obviously too early to learn a price. Gizmodo had this to say about the unknown price point:

It’s far too early for Sphero to divulge pricing info for the new accessory, but in a roundabout way it will actually make the BB-8 toy slightly more affordable because you no longer need an expensive smartphone or tablet to play with it. The wearable interacts with the rolling droid all by itself, without the need for the Sphero app running on expensive hardware.

Head on over to the Gizmodo article here for some fantastic gifs of the Force Band in action, and keep your eyes peeled for more news on this awesome release in the future!

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