San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us, and with it more events, panels, and exhibits than we can possibly hope to keep up with. With the annual schedule release frenzy dying down, Con-goers are starting to settle into the panicked calm before the storm–plotting out where they need to be and when. The opportunities to see or even meet your favorite celebs are endless. But when you’re preparing for the star-studded adventure that is Comic Con, remember that this event is for you, too. It’s for coming together with the people who share your passions, stay up until the wee hours marathoning that TV show, and go back and forth on Twitter or your blog discussing theory.

The Game of Bloggers Meetup is the perfect place to finally meet, face to face, some of the folks behind the articles, videos, and fandom. Hosted by Tony Kim (a.k.a. the magnificent Crazy4ComicCon), Game of Bloggers presents a unique and exciting way to meet some of your favorite bloggers and forge new and beautiful alliances. Content creators and fans alike can spend the night before the Con reveling in one another’s company and sharing in the excited buzz that only a colossal con like SDCC can inspire.

“Game of Bloggers will be the perfect time to coordinate coverage or partner up with fellow content creators. This will be a FANtastic way to kick off your week and guaranteed to be more fun than a Red Wedding!”

game of bloggers


Game of Bloggers is designed for

  1. Content Creators: The media submission deadline has passed but if you run a website or are a content creator then you are welcomed to join us (If you already submitted, a follow up e-mail will go out with further instructions).

  2. Fans: It’s not a Comic-Con party unless there are celebs- that’s you! If you are a fan of any of the sites listed below, we want to interview, podcast, Tweet, or vlog you on your thoughts on why you chose to come to SDCC, what you hope to see, and why Comic-Con is so important to you and culture. We want to meet you!

Which basically breaks down to: YOU! Whether you’re a blogger or a reader, the one behind a camera or the one who spends hours on youtube, this event is meant for everyone to come together to share in the SDCC spirit. Join a bunch (at least a hundred!) of social media junkies for a drink and a delicious bite to eat from Dragon’s Den as we party the night away. Read up on all the details and get ready for an amazing experience!


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