The creator of Superfight and Red Flags, Darin Ross, is coming out with a new game. And we’re pretty intrigued. We love playing Superfight with friends, and if this new game is anything like it, wethinks everyone is in for a treat.

Right. The game’s name? Business Panda Beach Party

No, we did not type that wrong, no need to adjust your monitor, screen, etc. Business, Pandas Beaches, and Parties. But what is the game about? Here’s what Ross has to say about it:

I am about to release my third game. It’s still sort of a secret.

But it’s got pandas. And business. So you’ll totally be into it.

He was right. Like we said- we’re into it. And if you’re into it too, you should head to Business Panda Beach Party and see what fun things are brewing there. We’ll give you a hint: bamboo and business. Can’t forget the business! Join the campaign business to receive all kinds of rewards like free games and exclusive cards, and to be among the first people to get the game when it ships!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on it, and think you should too! Happy Gaming!

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