It’s Halloween season and the spooks are piling up as everyone falls deeper into the Halloween spirit. But what is Halloween without pumpkins? Everybody loves pumpkins. Nah, not the latte variety–not that we’d turn down anything pumpkin flavored, but we’re talking about pumpkins carved with faces or silhouettes or scenes from our favorite bits of… Read More »

I get it now. I get why people have approx. 6 million boards on Pinterest, each one dedicated to a tiny aspect of weddings. One to coordinate the program color with the dress color, another to pair the construction of your sweetheart table’s chairs with the font on your invitations, one meticulously recording all 15 beauty… Read More »

It’s a never-ending mission: to explore exotic creations, to seek out new artists and new ideas, to boldly go where no one has resisted the call of their credit card (or paypal account). If you’re anything like me, you sit wistfully on Etsy and click through pages of glorious, custom-made accessories, falling a little bit… Read More »

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