Love is in the air, friendships are in bloom, and art hangs upon the walls of The Perky Nerd. We’ve been to a few events held at the Burbank, California-based comic and coffee shop, so we could not pass up the opportunity to attend this newest event, aptly timed for Valentine’s Day! The art show,… Read More »

Bravo. Oscar. Oscar. Mike. BOOM! After much anticipation, Boom! Comics has released the first issue of their new WWE series “Then, Now, Forever”. As a lifelong wrestling fan, it’s nice to see stories told on screen continue on a page. The Superstars of the WWE are comic book characters come to life as it is,… Read More »

I’ve been following the varied works of Boom! Studios since they were running Ducktales and the Farscape sequels. They’ve evolved into a studio that caters to varying audiences with wide appeal and some for a (seemingly) very specific crowd. In the case of The Backstagers, it seems like a foray into the latter of the… Read More »

What could be better than seeing Captain Jack Harkness and the Torchwood crew back on the television? Well, nothing, but we’re getting a return of OG Torchwood in the form of a comic book series. According to CBR: Titan Comics has announced the launch of a new“Torchwood” ongoing comic series. The new adventures of Captain… Read More »

We’ve been puzzling over a mysterious grave all season, wondering who it belongs to. And now, with April 6th’s episode “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”, we know. And, you know what? I’m mad about it.

Marvel’s limited Star Wars series kicks off yet again with a new title character: Han Solo! Due to launch in June, this new series will follow Han Solo on a battle against his biggest enemy: selfishness. Our scrappy hero finds himself tangled in a race he’s always dreamt of taking part in, acting as part of… Read More »

I’m not the first to admit it, and I certainly won’t be the last: I just don’t care for DC movies. Nothing about the desolate grittiness catches me. Sifting through the wreckage of a city to find seldom shafts of humor and hope does not appeal to me. Superheroes deal with heavy shit. Believe me,… Read More »

I know that the series premiere was 3 weeks ago, but bare with me kind folks of the internet I will hopefully be up to speed on reviews by the next episode, or I’ll just skip to episode 4 and start review weekly 😀 ! I have always found myself to be enthralled into the… Read More »

The vast, bright, dazzling world of comics doesn’t belong to the Boys’ Club anymore. It’s been a constantly changing tide for the past few years, headed by vocal female readers and permeated with some phenomenally talented women writers and illustrators who have finally been given the chance to shine. Female readership has grown considerably, showing… Read More »

I’m not sure where to start on this one, which is a good thing I swear. Walking into my local comic book shop today, I spied two amazing covers sitting on the shelf. Something about them made me pick them up, flip through the pages, and immediately decide to buy them. Those covers belonged to… Read More »

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