The highly anticipated Suicide Squad has finally opened in theaters, and a lot of fans are wishing they were still waiting in anticipation. It’s probably better than the disappointment that’s washing over us. Across the board, critics and the common fans alike are finding the same problem. I quickly discovered that my passionate explanation immediately post-film about… Read More »

Ratchet and Clank is a rarity in its genre: a video game movie done right. This movie makes me feel like I did when booting up the original game in 2002—only this time, the graphics are better. I can say with certainty that this film delivers a nice blend of nostalgia and freshness. It toes the… Read More »

We let you dear nerds know about the Rooftop Film Club back in March when they released their first schedule for the summer, and we hope you bought tickets (a lot of those shows are sold out now!) Over the weekend, we spent our Saturday night out under the stars of Hollywood, enjoying the experience… Read More »

Basically our nightmare. Are you going to see it and be delightfully scared?

HBO Films has tapped Ramin Bahrani (“99 Homes”) to write, direct and executive produce a film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1966 literary classic “Fahrenheit 451.”

There are many ways to watch a movie. You can see the film in theaters, trek your way to find a drive-in (or one of the inflatable drive-ins nowadays,) watch from the comfort of your home, or go and do something a bit more fun.

Fans of Star-Lord (Who?) and his crew rejoice! Marvel Studios has begun principal photography at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which is slated to hit U.S. theaters on May 5, 2017. The original Guardians from the first film are all back!  Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as… Read More »

Ryan Reynolds finally has a superhero film under his belt that isn’t awful. While we push off our shudders thinking about the previous incarnation of the titular Deadpool, we can revel in the fact that this past Valentine’s Day weekend, the mouthy, crass, and all around fantastic Deadpool took the top spot at the box office.

It’s no surprise that we’re excited for the upcoming Deadpool film (check out our guest spot on it here,) but the announcement today that the film has already been green-lit for a sequel. The folks over at The Hollywood Reporter brought the news today that the sequel has already been greenlit by the studio in charge… Read More »

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