Thoroughly creeped out by the new attractions coming to Knott’s Scary Farm this year? Well don’t worry, you still have all of the returning favorites to sate the remaining part of your appetite of fear!

When you think about Halloween and haunt attractions, there is always one name at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to theme parks: Knott’s Scary Farm. This year is no different! We were able to attend the big event announcing this years thrills and chills and are bringing all the news right to… Read More »

There’s a lot of advice that can be flung about in the weeks leading up to San Diego Comic Con. And rightfully so, with the sheer number of events, people, and experiences available over the long weekend. Comic Con boasts a staggering–and rather overwhelming–presence of life and activity during its run, and attendees are left… Read More »

Witches. Wizards. Giveaways. Broomsticks. Spells. Music. Improv! Celebrate your love of all things Harry Potter with a special Harry Potter Night at The Last Bookstore, a beloved–and extremely cool–rarity of a bookstore in downtown LA. The combination of an adventurous Improv act, The Show That Shall Not Be Named, and a building full of Harry Potter nerds makes… Read More »

Where can you find the newest selection of comic books, delicious cold-brewed coffee, collectibles, and an all-around comfortable setting to let your nerdy self run wild? The answer is The Perky Nerd.

Today, May 18th, Universal Studios announced the grand opening date for the anticipated “The Walking Dead” attraction, headed for the Hollywood studio/theme park. The announcement brought a behind-the-scenes look into the making of its new permanent walk-through attraction based on AMC’s record-breaking television series, “The Walking Dead,” which you can check out after the jump!

Months of teasing, weeks of listening to a wonder-filled child’s voice hype you up on the radio, days of watching Hogwarts rise before you in commercials, and hours of desperately wishing you could just. Be. There. Already. Well, witches and wizards whose letters are simply a little late–the waiting’s over. Wizarding World Hollywood is here,… Read More »

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