When we finally stopped procrastinating and sat down to write our wedding ceremony, we only had a few definite thoughts in mind. We wanted the ceremony to be simple, sweet, and thoroughly us. We also wanted the ceremony to be accessible to all of our guests (i.e. older family members who did not engage in… Read More »

Every hero needs their own sidekick. Ice cream needs its own assortment of toppings. So when it comes to the world of weddings and making the groom look good, every groom (and their merry band of groomsmen) needs their own perfect pair of cufflinks. We figured that with our own big day coming in November,… Read More »

You cannot simply just surprise wedding guests with an invitation one day and hope they all come. What I learned is that “Save the Date” cards make for a wonderous help. Why the cards? Well, they are like the prologue to the wedding invitation. They give you a bit of a hint to keep that… Read More »

There are millions of directions a couple can go when theming their wedding in today’s world, from fairy tale to modern to retro to country to…well, you name it, you can do it. I’ve always wanted a fairy tale wedding. And I know many others do too. I know I’m not the only woman who… Read More »

We’ve all been to those weddings where the music is just a little bit…well, how can we say it nicely? It sucks just as much as Kirby does. Was that too harsh? Maybe… but do we want that sort of thing happening at our wedding? Oh for the love of Talos no.

Here’s how it happened: He got down on one knee in front of a brightly lit fountain, gave a romantic speech about how much he loved me, and asked me to officially spend the rest of my life with him. While dressed as Kristoff from that little Disney movie called Frozen. While I was dressed… Read More »

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