News out of WonderCon 2016 today, as a line-up of stellar sci-fi and fantasy authors were announced as special guests, all of which will be featured in special Spotlight panels.

In a landmark collaboration, the popular Long Beach Comic Expo has once again partnered with the prestigious Columbia Memorial Space Center for SPACE EXPO at the Long Beach Convention Center, February 20-21.

My relationship with Pokemon started at the tender age of eight… or nine… whatever.. it was the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. I was one of those kids that was totally immersed in the franchise. Everything I had or wanted was related to Pokemon. I was bathing in a tub of Pokemon merchandise… Read More »

Be the very best, catch them all, make sure to stay away from all those damn Rattata! Or is it Rattatas? Rattate?Whatever the plural form of that darn rat is! Anyway, when on my own personal quest to become a Pokemon master, I had to really think about how my team would form, what starter… Read More »

Continuing on with our WonderCon Anaheim coverage, we have a bit of fun news for those fans in the world of comics! Image Comics is bringing a giant booth to the exhibit floor as well as multiple panels and a slew of special guests. This is the perfect time for fans of the Image Comic… Read More »

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