It’s that time of year. The time for love, the time for togetherness, and the time where people all over the world scramble to find those they love something for Valentines Day. Sure, there are flowers and chocolates and stuffed animals (all of which are valid options,) but we here think that there should be something a bit more fun and nerdy on your Valentines Day schedule if you’re around the Los Angeles area. As your Geeky Cupid, we’ve collected a small handy list of things you can do with your one true geek love that will definitely put the Force with you!


Starting off a little bit out of the box for the traditional Valentine’s Day fare, take your lover to something a little more…exotic. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure on Valentine’s Day night with The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles. Don’t Dream It. Be it.

After you’ve spent your day frolicking in love and Valentine’s delight, and even gone and rose tinted your world at the Nuart, this day after Valentine’s event should also be right up your alley in its pop culture goodness! The New Beverly Cinema, owned by Quentin Tarantino, is screening The Breakfast Club on Sunday the 15th. Don’t you forget about the one you love, and don’t you forget about this screening!

Let’s say your significant other is one for the finer arts. Look no further! While the actual scavenger hunt is sold out (darn!) you can make your own scavenger hunt at the Getty Center of nude paintings, sculptures, and works of art of all kinds! This could be a fun way for you and your lover to get to see all the magnificent art the Getty Center has to offer, as well as all the nudity it has to offer. Because, let’s face it, we all enjoy it from time to time.


Romance is in the air at Descanso Gardens! Join a walk for lovers and make some memories in the photo booth located on the garden grounds. Feel like getting a bit artsy? Quench your thirst for your theatrical side with “SHAKESPEARE’S LOVERS IN THE GARDEN,” put on by the California Shakespeare Ensemble who will reenact some of Shakespeare’s famous love scenes. Activities are free with admission unless noted otherwise, which is great for nerds on a budget. Admission into the gardens is only $9 dollars, which is even better!

The Long Beach Aquarium is your one stop shop if you’re all about romance, under sea life, and all things oceanic! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special or the whole family at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Aquarium will be open until 10:00 p.m. on Valentines Day, which leaves you more time to peruse the aquarium with the sun down and see the natural ocean wonders at night.

If you’re already down in Long Beach, why not head over to the Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival, happening this weekend on Saturday and Sunday! What can you expect at the Scots Festival? Well, according to the Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival website, patrons of the event can be part of daily festivities that include:

-Border Collie sheep-herding, firing demonstrations, performances by the Scots Greys Calvary, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Celtic Harp & Wren Iniquity Ensemble and historic re-enactments.

-The Scottish Highland Games, a pre-cursor to today’s Olympic Games, were designed to test the strength, skill and technique of ancient warriors by face offs.

-World Champion Scottish Highland Dancer, Kaylee Finnegan and many internationally acclaimed athletes competing for titles in stones, hammer throw, weights for distance, weight over bar, sheaf and the famed caber toss.

-Whisky tasting sessions with aged malt experts and craft beer samplings are available for adult festivalgoers while the wee laddies & lassies can bear witness to Queen Mary’s coronation, knighting ceremonies and even take part in the Wee Highland games.

Tickets start at only $18 dollars, which is a huge bargain, and the VIP package is only $49 and includes ” two-day VIP admission to ScotsFestival with access to the ship, PLUS entry into the shaded VIP Lounge with two complimentary drink tabs per day.” That’s a mighty good deal! Check out photos from the 2014 Festival here.

484894-250Eat Your Way Through LA: Pie Tour is one you’re going to have to give, rather than do, as it does not happen until March. But if you’re like us, or Dean from Supernatural, you and your significant other are one big fan of pie and you two don’t care who knows it! The event’s description makes us hungry just thinking about it: on’t care who knows it! The event’s description makes us hungry just thinking about it:

That buttery crust. That steaming filling. The flavorful memories of family and holidays and celebrations.  There’s a reason why people why America is equated with — not cake or cookies, but — pie.
For these reasons and more, on 3.14, it’s time for an L.A. Pie Tour! (And, clearly, we’re not talking about the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.)

Join us on our “Eat Your Way Through LA”: Pie Tour on March 14th from 10am to 2pm as we eat some of the secret pie spots across LA. From meat pies to sweet pies, hand pies to pot pies — this tour will offer tastes worth PIEning for. We’ll check out traditional pies from untraditional places, hand pies from the hands of great bakers, and, as always, a few secret surprises you won’t find elsewhere!

Come on: don’t be flaky! Join the upper-crust of LA on this special tour.

A day of Anime binge-watching is simple, fun, and exactly for the couple who appreciates the fine art that is Anime. We’re sure you’ve heard of Crunchyroll, right? Please tell us you’ve heard of it. Okay you have? Good. You haven’t? Get to Google and get that free trial now! But for those who have a subscription already, settle in with your loved one, make a few sweet treats (have you tried our recipe?) and find a show that tickles your fancy. We definitely recommend Sailor Moon Crystal, Free!, Blue Exorcist, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun, and so many more!

The Griffith Park Observatory is the perfect spot in Los Angeles to enjoy views of LA area on Earth, and views of the skies above any time of the year! Take this opportunity to enjoy scenic Griffith Park, wander the Observatory, catch a show in the main planetarium, and get your space on!

IF all else fails, which we hope nothing fails, just be excellent to one another. That always seems to do the trick.



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