Well the name’s Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it.

Fitting for me, I would say.

What you’ll find here is the first part of a constantly updating rundown of the outfit of Jaune Arc. So, keep checking back from time to time as I work.

Let’s start off with the basics: Below are the two overall turnaround models of Jaune Arc that you can study for reference.Jaune_Arc Jaune-turnaround


From the turnaround models, we can see the basic of what we will need for the base clothing of Arc. You will need:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Black Shoes
  • Brown Gloves
  • Black Hooded Shirt
  • 2 Belts

You can find your jeans and shoes easily. Head to your local department store and they are sure to have them in stock. You will want to wear the jeans before whatever event you are going to, purely because you don’t want stiff jeans and I don’t think Jaune would go in something uncomfortable! Also, notice the tear in the jeans? New jeans don’t come torn (unless you’re buying expensive designer jeans, but why would you go and do that?)

Belts? Head to your local thrift shop!

Brown gloves can be found at your local hardware supply store. I would recommend Home Depot, Lowes, Osh, or any of the ones that you may know of. Those would be my go-to stores.

The black hooded shirt could give you issues. Seeing as Summer is steadily approaching, finding a shirt with a hood may be tricky. And a short-sleeved shirt at that! Yes, Jaune’s shirt is a short-sleeved hooded shirt. I was able to find my shirt, long-sleeved, at CottonON in my local mall. You can definitely check places online, but this one fit perfectly for the outfit.

Besides the clothing, you’ll need to make:

  • A sword, sheath, shield combo (Crocea Mors)
  • Chest and back plates
  • Shoulder Pauldrons
  • Wrist armor

How do you go about making just those very things? You get creative! What I plan on working with is plenty of craft foam, a lot of drive and ambition, and just a little bit of elbow grease. Okay, a lot of elbow grease. These will be covered in the next bit of this cosplay build, as I will go over in more detail the process I took for doing the armor. It is/was a learning experience, and as my first time doing it, it was definitely an adventure. Stay tuned for that!


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6 thoughts on “Cosplay Profile: Jaune Arc from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY- The Basics

    1. I did finish it well enough to use at the convention itself, but wear and tear at the con made me realize I needed to go back and re-do the armor for better ability to move comfortably throughout the day. I’ll be doing another pass at the armor in the future, maybe updating it if we see some changes in season 4.

  1. Have you made the sword, sheath, and shield yet? I am actually needing to make these things for a convention that I will be attending in March of 2017, and would like to see what others are using to make these items. Thanks!

    1. Honestly, I did not have enough time to make a sword and I didn’t think I wanted to include the sheath. For the sword, I went and found a foam sword and modded it a bit, enough for passable but not the best, and not what I wanted it to be. The shield was finished and was made from form core board, plenty of Gesso, and Worbla. It’s been forever but I’ll update the article with what photos I have that show it off a little. I’m planning on remaking the armor as a whole in the future.

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