In our cosplay days, the one fandom we had not set our sights on was the Harry Potter fandom. While we did grow up on the books, we never much found ourselves in that right mindset to take on characters that we lived our childhoods with. Until now.

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As you can see, Neville had evolved in every one of the films that dazzled across the screen. He had his times in his Hogwarts robes, his Gryffindor House sweater, and then showed a more casual look in the later films, as you can see in the first photo above. Let’s break down what is needed for a Neville Longbottom cosplay:

Hogwarts Robes: Gryffindor

Typically, in a Harry Potter cosplay, robes would be expected. There are plenty of resources out there to buy the robes pre-made, or you can go on your own and try to find a pattern.

House Jumper and tie OR Casual Jumper

I’m going to be sticking to more of the casual look for Neville, which means looking into the House Jumper, shirt, and tie. This is another tricky one, because when you go and look through the films, there are always variations to the design itself. That also could be a way of showing that Hogwarts itself has many different options to the typical school uniform. Below are some examples:

I am looking more into the look of the photo on the left, the sleeveless jumper. I feel that it goes more with the personality of Neville. Having a dress shirt, which we will talk about in the next section, helps to pull the look together.

The jumper itself would not be complete without the signature tie. Here’s where picking a tie becomes quite the decision: THERE ARE SO MANY SIMILAR TIES OUT THERE.

No seriously. The amount of ties that have been manufactured as the “correct” tie for a Gryffindor is incredibly high, and you’ll find yourself look at “different” patterns that are all the same, and colors that all look just about right, but you really can’t put your finger on it. I know that is how I have felt when putting in research.

Some of the different types of ties you might find include: the Gryffindor crest on the tie itself, opposite patterns, too red, too purple, not enough burgundy, etc etc. As you can see, I’ve included two different ties, both labeled as the correct Gryffindor tie, but that look completely different.

On the flip side of things, the Neville we see in the later films also abandons, as does most of the cast, the uniform look and adopts a casual jeans and knit jumper look. Ideally, I would love to go with that look! But, since it’s not much the season for that jumper here in the US, it’s harder to find one that matches. Looking though, as it’s on a list of variations to the outfit that I want to do.

Button Up Dress Shirt

Neville’s outfit would not be completed with a shirt to go underneath the school uniform or his more casual look. The Hogwarts uniform would be your normal white button up dress shirt, nothing too complicated there.

For a more casual Neville, the shirt looks to be a light blue button up, referring specifically to the photo hpdh2-03972r_a_labove and beside this from Deathly Hallows Pt.2. Finding a blue shirt such as this should not be an issue for any Neville cosplayer, as many stores would have shirts such as these. I would suggest, and I am doing this myself, going a size bigger to have a larger look to the shirt, a little baggy. You can see that the shirt looks a tad larger than it should for Neville (but that could also be because he’d been battling for his life).


A wizard would be nothing without his pants. No, we don’t mean underwear, but don’t forget that too! Neville’s pants, from what I can see in my searching, run two ways: Uniform Dress Pants or Casual Jeans. Either one of these will work for my cosplay build. I suggest going with a darker colored pair of jeans if you go the casual route, as that is what it seems that he wears most often.


The wand chooses the wizard, correct? Well, in this case, I’m choosing the wand that chose the wizard! Just like there are different places in the Wizarding world to purchase your wand, there are different places in the Muggle world to purchase your wand. You can use the Prime Owls over at Amazon to purchase, head over to the folks at the Harry Potter Shop, or you can look to the more hand-crafted variety. We went with the more hand-crafted look and found Osbornes Wand Shop on Etsy! The look of the Neville wand was heaps better than anything I had seen before, and it looks more durable than other collectors pieces. This is something very important when it comes to cosplay! While I do not expect to be brandishing my wand furiously, I would not trust myself to use just a resin wand and break it. There is the whole being like Neville persona to consider also…things may get clumsy. I’ll post photos of the wand when it comes in!

That should do it! I will update this as my process continues along, with in person photos and tips and tricks, hints and more!

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