The millions of groans let out by fans everywhere during the third act of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine have been swiftly and suddenly silenced… unlike the title character of the upcoming redemption that is Deadpool!

After more than a decade in development Hell, the Merc with the Mouth is finally coming to the big screen in proper form. Ryan Reynolds and company created eight minutes of bloodthirsty, smart-ass, and satisfying action that fans could previously only dream of. It was then promptly and “accidentally” let “slip” onto the internet in 2014. The story is still circling a grey area on the exact details of how it was brought to the light of day…but honestly, who really cares? The job is done, and the juice is worth the squeeze. Even those poor souls, forced to live under a bland PG-13 rock who had never heard of Deadpool, began screaming from their keyboards with such fervor the studio began production almost immediately. Less than a year later, the live action three-minute trailer let fans rejoice and almost forget about the (at the time) upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

deadpool-movie-poster-20161Deadpool already promises to be a film that stands alone based on the premise of breaking the fourth wall and a “hero” who lops off heads with a katana and roundhouse kicks the freshly severed appendage into the next victim, all whilst never shutting his mouth. Such mindless violence is usually reserved for summer action blockbusters like The Expendables and whatever Die Hard comes up with next to out-do the five explosion soaked predecessors (disclaimer: DIE HARD(1988) IS STILL THE KING! RIP Hans Gruber). Deadpool’s true uniqueness boils down to how it’s overflowing with soul!

Ryan Reynolds himself has been itching to get back behind the katanas since 2009, honing his edge to capture the true essence of the character. His drive alone has been enough to fund the making of the test footage and the eventual production. Reynolds needs very little to truly immerse himself into Wade Wilson as they share such similar characteristics–wit, sarcasm, and the ability to be an intellectual smart ass on cue. One might think he could just phone in such a performance and call it an easy day…


The handsome devil that some people have been kind enough to say looks like me (i.e. my mother… shut up) took his red spandex and leather and ran with it. The balls to the wall marketing campaign for Deadpool would not be the same if not for Reynold’s tenacity to be Wade Wilson. The resounding success of the first red-band trailer (which in my opinion, hasn’t given away even a quarter of what this movie will be) led to the holiday themed run of Twelve Days of Deadpool. Reynolds tweeted twelve bits of fanboy squealing delight for twelve days ranging from pics of the script, chock full of canon appropriate doodles, to a brand new trailer on Christmas Day. The second red-band trailer featured more blood, bullets, brains, and boobs. What more can you ask from a Deadpool film?

As if that wasn’t enough, Wade has been putting out PSA’s about testicular cancer awareness with his own style of inappropriate pizzazz and shout outs to fellow canon star Hugh Jackman’s homeland of Australia with reminders of the mutual of hatred towards their previous time out together on the silver screen. Jackman responded with his own post of skewering Wade on one his signature claws and even hinting at returning to the genre for one more time out as the indestructible Wolverine to put Wade in his place, despite saying Wolverine III will be his last. So thank you, Ryan, for helping us keep Hugh around a little longer (though I personally wouldn’t be opposed to seeing what Tom Hardy or Taron Egerton can bring to the role).

Now, we’ve seen other actors, especially in the super hero genre, do plenty of work on the side to promote their films or use the fame to help others. We’ve seen Chris Evans and Chris Pratt visit sick kids in the hospital clad in their alter egos to give the less fortunate a boost, or Christian Bale visiting victims of the fateful shootings that took place during his film’s premiere. We’ve seen Robert Downey Jr. give a boy a working Iron Man prosthetic. I won’t lie, I’m a grown man and stories like that bring tears of joy to me eyes. The fun part about Deadpool is we can’t compare the two. Reynolds hasn’t visited sick kids in character to my knowledge (Who knows what he’s doing with that outfit on his own time?). No! He’s taking kids out Trick or Treating while swearing at them and calling their X-men costumes stupid. He’s having the time of his life becoming Wade and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sign of someone who will make a film that’s fun to watch, loyal to the craft, and just all around phenomenal.

Not that anyone needs a reason to go see this film, it speaks for itself. I’m just such a Deadpool die-hard I begged Nerds Doing Stuff for a chance to write about it (hey, I brought back the Die Hard reference!). The only person I would want playing the Merc with the Mouth besides Reynolds… is me! So, this Valentine’s Day, take someone you really love to see DEADPOOL, and if they leave you afterwards you’re better off.


(Point of interest, Stacey and Robby edited this to make me sound (look?) way better at writing than I really am. So go them!)

New to the NerdsDoingStuff team, Steve is a Navy Corpsman who refuses to lose his nerdy edge whilst serving with Few and the Proud. When he's not knee deep in blood, guts, bureaucracy, and other medical waste he operates SineCera, the custom sci-fi, fantasy, and nerd culture hobby shop. He enjoys scotch, long walks on the beach and a frisky woman.

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