Pokemon released their 2016 Superbowl Ad in celebration of 20 years of Pokemon yesterday, and left viewers feeling invigorated, excited, and possibly wanting to go and play through the games again- start with Red/Blue, we dare you! You can catch the trailer below:

Now, did you catch all of the references to Pokemon hidden throughout the ad? Yes, it was all very Poke-centric, but the easter eggs hidden within it are fantastic! Here’s a few of them:

Check out that HM03 reference with “Learn to SURF”

We NEED that Nidoking Chess Piece. We need a whole chess board!

That logo on the helmet is a little familiar, no?

1996 was a good year for fans of Pokemon, the year it released!

In the end, you have to be the very best!

Thanks to the official Pokemon Twitter account for pointing out all of the awesome that we missed and now can pass on to you!


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