Let’s face it. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a name hot on the lips of people all over Hollywood and Broadway (we bet you’re singing lyrics to any one of Hamilton‘s songs right now in your head.) Disney knows this, especially with his current work on the music for their upcoming film, Moana, as well as his involvement with their new Mary Poppins project. What better way to keep the heat in their corner with a little announcement of just three words: The Little Mermaid

According to Deadline:

Disney is pairing Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda with iconic songwriter Alan Menken for a live action feature adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. Miranda and Menken will write the songs together. Marc Platt will produce the film along with Miranda, in a configuration just set by Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production. Deadline revealed in May that Disney was figuring out a way to add the classic title to a slate of films based on the studio’s animated films.

We can almost imagine Sebastian busting out some slick rhymes and verses to an updated “Under the Sea” right now. That said, the article does mention that the extent to which Lin-Manuel Miranda will be involved in the project is unknown at this time, such as script writing, but he will help to supervise the story.

With this production just starting to build itself from the group up, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for details and passing them along to you. We’re excited to see what Miranda and Menken can bring to the table for Disney and The Little Mermaid!

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