As E3, the popular media and industry only game summit, draws nearer, the trend of video game developers flocking towards the public sphere for opinions, reactions, and hands-on experiences when it comes to new game news continues to grow. One of the biggest industry gaming events of the year, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has priorly been closed off from public consumers, watched by starved fans from Twitch streams and media outlets. 

But the developers began to realize something over the past few years–E3 is a great platform to make cool announcements, but the people who will be buying and playing the things they’re announcing (i.e. the fans) are locked out. Unable to attend, gamers watch live streams of the conferences and live vicariously through another person’s demo experience. It’s not quite the same as holding the controller and really getting a feel for the gameplay. This Gamer’s Paradise has been off limits to those the developers most want to get hype for their products–the gamers. 

The solution? Holding individual conferences over the weekend that allowed for the general public to come in and play, hear the newest announcements, and become part of the experience. It’s a move that’s made the gamers happy and seems to pay off, since the trend continues for 2017, even with E3’s continuing shift this year to allow for more of the public to attend. So, while hopeful attendees were able to try their luck at a limited ticket release for the privilege of roaming the E3 showfloor, several developers have still made the choice to open their doors to the larger masses. Among those events are Microsoft’s Xbox FanFest, Bethesda’s Bethesdaland, and EA’s EA Play, all of which emphatically invite players to join them for news, demos, and fun. 


Bethesda E3 Showcase

Bethesda launched its’ gamer inclusive event invite with an amusement park flair, a Disneyland of their gaming properties. But instead of Walt and Mickey greeting you in front of a sparkling castle, Vault Boy is there to welcome you into a magical world of elves, fantastical space adventures, and even the depths of Hell itself. 

While their most recognizable properties shine on the map, two sheltered areas prove the most interesting feature. Coming soon! one bellows as the other reads Under Construction. Hints for what is yet to come out of Bethesda’s event? We’re willing to wager so. But will they be continuations of familiar games or entirely new worlds we’ve yet to visit? Looks like we’ll have some of those answers come June 11th. 

The application for free tickets to Bethesdaland has already ended, but those who were lucky enough to get passes should be receiving their confirmations soon. The website states that confirmations go out on or around May 25th. As of the 23rd, NDS has received confirmation and tickets for the event, so looks like they’re a little early. 

EA Play

Also focused on including and doting on their players is EA, whose EA Play event opens on June 10th and runs through the weekend.  It seems that EA’s second foray into offsite events during E3 will continue to shift focus to their consumers, as every mention of their event stresses the importance of the gamers and the ability to get some hands-on play.

This is the line-up EA has planned in order to celebrate play with their gamers, those there in person and watching online:

  • At noon PDT on Saturday, June 10 we’ll begin the weekend of EA PLAY with an all-new broadcast experience specifically designed for our players viewing around the world, with a live audience joining us in Hollywood. Be sure to tune in as we celebrate our amazing players and our biggest games of the year ahead.

  • Hundreds of our global community creators will be participating in the EA Game Changers Creators Cave, in the heart of the Hollywood Palladium. This dedicated space provides opportunities for our creators to capture early game footage, edit content to share, livestream directly from the show, and to interact with our studio development teams.

  • And at the center of the onsite event will be a Player Fanfest that will feature over 140 hands-on gaming stations, demos, live music and more.

Gamers will be able to experience some hands-on gameplay for several anticipated titles. So far, EA has revealed that playable games include Star Wars™ Battlefront, Need for Speed™ , and EA SPORTS™ titles: Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA LIVE 18. 

Free tickets went live on April 20th, but the form can still be filled out here


Nerds Doing Stuff will be in attendance for EA Play and will be romping around Bethesdaland (hey, you think they’ll have churros?), so make sure to follow along with our adventure live on Instagram and Twitter

What are you hoping to hear announced during E3 2017? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet. 

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