Panels are an integral part of many pop culture conventions these days, and the convention goers scour the schedules once released to see what, who, when, and where they will be dedicating the fantastic fandom-loving selves to during convention hours.

In the past year, both WonderCon & San Diego Comic-Con added “Fan Culture” programming tracks to their schedules, and they are back again this year, proving that with fandom comes huge hits! WonderCon will be offering a special track dealing with all things fan, from fashion to cosplay, from Star Wars psychiatry to science, from sidekicks to comic book courtroom drama…and that’s just the first day!

The panels, will run all weekend long in Room 502, located on Level Two of the LA Convention Center, with exact times posted next week when the official 2016 Program Schedule debuts. Let’s check out a few of them!

Friday, March 25th

Cosplay Makeup 101—This panel covers what it takes to perfect your cosplay by having great makeup to go with it. It will cover beauty makeup, appliance application, special fx makeup, sculpting, molding, casting, and wig styling. The panelists include Dawnielle Banks (Makeup By Siryn, Batgirl Spoiled lead makeup designer), Ashley Troub (Ghost Hunters, winning look SDCC Her Universe Fashion Show), Kelton Ching (SDCC 2014 Apocalypse makeup demo, Blizzcon 2015 4th place winner), and Chrissy Lynn (Super Power Beat Down’s Darth Maul, League of Steam’s White Wolf), who have honed their craft in the makeup, film, television, and cosplay photography worlds. They will answer your questions about makeup to match your costuming and cosplay, as well as offer tips and tools of the trade to use. Moderated by cosplayer Mac Beauvais (Monstrous Makeup Manuals 1&2 model, actress in The Gloaming).

The Psychology of the Marvel TV Universe—They’re heroes from different eras. They operate in different parts of the world, not to mention occasionally different dimensions! And they fight different villains, sometimes reluctantly. Yet, they’re all very much connected through the same universe and many of the same experiences, including trauma, adversity, and self-discovery. Writers D. J. Doyle (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Jose Molina and Lindsey Allen (Agent Carter), and Christos Gage (Daredevil) join Dr.Andrea Letamendi (The Arkham Sessions) to explore the dramatic psychology of the Marvel TV Universe. Moderated by Brian Ward (The Arkham Sessions).

Saturday, March 26th

I’m in the Nerd Business—How do you create and sustain a business that caters to the geek lifestyle without exploiting the very people to whom you provide services? Join this panel of entrepreneurs, whose traditional businesses cater to a predominantly nerdy or geeky clientele. Panelists Matthew Arevalo (Loot Crate), Donna Ricci (Geeky Teas, formerly Clockwork Couture), Janelle Badali (Badali Jewelry), and David Nett (Nerdstrong Gym) discuss how these businesses started, and how they sustain their service to their clientele in the face of mass-market exploitation of geekdom. How do you compete with the giant corporate conglomerates that have suddenly discovered the geek marketplace? How do you sell goods and market services to a community seeking authenticity, without falling into the trap of pandering or gimmicks? Moderated by Brian Ward (The Arkham Sessions, Shout! Factory).

Jet Set Nerds—Jet Set Nerd Anastasia Washington (Anastationtv, Jet Set Nerds) and jet setters Stephanie Pressman(Fashionably Nerdy), Angelique Toschi (Nerds in La La Land), Stacy Renfroe (Nerds in La La Land), Michelle Chubby Bunny(Geek & Sundry), Yume Lee (Loot Crate), Marlon (Nerd Coolture), and Curious Joi (Curious Joi) chat about packing up your bags and finding Nerd Mecca wherever you go! Moderated by Jennifer Kretchmer (producer).

Sunday, March 27th

Event and Cosplay Photography—Photographers and photojournalists Bill Watters (Bleeding Cool), Dave Luchessi (Disney), Geri Kramer, Jon York (York in a Box Photography), Mike Tuffley (Disney), and Deborah Kountz (DebShots Photography) discuss tips and tricks on getting the most out of photography at conventions. The conversation will cover tricks of the trade, changes in technology, how to get great shots at conventions, working with cosplayers and groups, and the ever-evolving legal aspects that surround photography. Experienced photographers as well as those shooting with their smartphones will all find something new to take away from the panel.

Psychology of Cult TV Shows: Episode 3—Back by popular request, this panel focuses on the psychology behind the most recent seasons of your favorite TV shows, including Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Castle, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and others. Join psychologists, Dr. Janina Scarlet (Superhero Therapy; Star Wars Psychology), Dr. Travis Langley (Doctor Who Psychology; Star Trek Psychology), actors Maurice La Marche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama), and Chase Masterson (Star Trek, The Flash) and host Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia, Star Wars Psychology) in geeking out and discussing your favorite TV shows. Alan Kistler (Doctor Who: A History; Walking Dead Psychology) moderates.

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