Have you ever finished watching an episode and wanted to scream from the rooftops about how you feel/what happened/what you think will happen/why you love it so much? Though we may be superfans, we generally recognize that this behavior doesn’t exactly fly in everyday life. And even though the shocking twist weighs heavily on your mind, you can’t exactly take to Twitter and spoil everything for someone else either. Of course, there are several choices. You can force your friends to watch your shows with you, giving you an audience, or take to forums and tumblr pages and the like to vent your frustrations and jubilees. 

There’s also another choice. Because guess what? (Yeah, I’m totally going to say this)

There’s an app for that. 

TV Time is an app available on the App Store and the Playstore designed to help give fans a space to do what they do best–be fans. 

Relaunched from the service called Whipclip, previously in play to provide users a legal way to create clips from TV shows and create a reactionary community that could quickly post bits of the episodes they were watching, and the formerly titled TVShow Time, TV Time expands on that in-the-moment reaction by introducing a TV community in which users can track their TV shows, plan their TV watching schedule, and react in real time with other fans in a welcoming, spoiler-free environment. 

“The app allows enthusiasts to track shows across global TV networks and providers, as well as react with other fans empowering them to go deeper into the TV worlds that they love the most.” It’s pretty much like a specialized, organized corner to direct your weekly Twitter yelling. We’re down. The spoiler control features are great, too. If you get behind a few weeks, you’re able to still engage as you catch up with episode specific discussions. By providing a space for each episode of each show, the app helps minimize the risks of being spoiled and encourage continuous engagement. 

The range of reactions users can engage with is also pretty cool. Show your love, frustration, or horror with a meme. If you’re not camera shy, post a 15 second reaction video telling the community how you feel. Apply filters, add stickers, and send your opinion out into the world. Sharing is clearly the focus of TV Time, and it’s been pretty fun to explore the different features and express our feelings in the various ways. There’s a GIF for everything, and TV Time is a pretty fitting place to put them. 

And it seems like these communities are going to be booming. The larger scale series already have hundreds to thousands of responses with each episode, both in meme and video form. It’ll be fun to watch as the communities grow, especially some of our smaller ones, and we think it’s definitely a resource worth checking out. 

TV Time also partners with actors to give fans an even more up close and personal experience. If you’re a Vikings fans, Alexander Ludwig will appear to answer exclusive fan questions. If Orange Is The New Black is more your speed, Lori Petty is also one of TV Time’s on hand stars.

We’ve been busy adding our shows to TV Time and while joining other fans as these shows are airing and reading everyone’s reactions has been great, one of the most invaluable resources we’ve found with TV Time is the tracking options. Once you add a show, you’re able to break down your viewing experience by episode. If you’ve only watched one episode, it’s easy to log it on the app. It’s equally easy if you’ve watched the entire series. Plus, once logged, TV Time will create a schedule of upcoming episodes. When you’re balancing a packed schedule or need another countdown to the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, it’s nice to have a one-click resource like TV Time. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to see how many months they’ve dedicated to worshipping at the altar of Media?

TV Time is available for free on the App Store and the Playstore. Feel free to find us @nerdsdoingstuff on the app to chat about our favorite shows!

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