Music. Comedy. The Greatest Band there ever was, Tenacious D. This is what the patrons of the 3rd Annual Festival Supreme should expect when the show rolls into Los Angeles on Saturday, October 10th. Taking place once more at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Grounds, the festival run by Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) looks to bring the best of comedy and music right to you. We went to last year’s Festival Supreme and had a pretty darn good time. Check out who the D is bringing this year after the jump!



Look at that lineup. I mean, look at it. There are comedians and musical acts that you would never see together in one festival. Where else would you see The Darkness, and then right after go and watch Aubrey Plaza? Or see the Original Cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000? The things I would give to see Amy Poehler and Andrew W.K sing “Party Hard” together on stage, who knows! And what seems to be quite the curious development is the listing for Tenacious D. Do you see it? The little (Jazz) next to their name? What can one expect from a Jazz set from the likes of Tenacious D? Well, anything really. Last year they played on the smaller stage of the festival acoustically dressed as an angel and a devil. This year could be something, and should be something, magnificent.

Tickets for Festival Supreme go on sale today, June 11th at 12pm PDT. You can buy your tickets online here, or if you are in the Los Angeles area, you can head down to the Shrine itself and purchase your tickets in person! According to the Festival Supreme Twitter account, sale on-site is from 12-5, with no fees and GA tickets starting at $75 dollars. There may even be some surprises there too! The Shrine box office is cash only, so make sure to stop by your bank for some cash!


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