Ever so recently, our heroes were out in droves; be it celebrities from our favorite pieces of fiction or fans decked out to the nines in costumes crafted from countless hours of passion. Given that I could only attend via the internet, the most powerful draw for me was the Firefly reunion panel, featuring the Captain himself, along with favorites Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, and River. Questions began to flow, reminiscing of episodes aired and even one that’s not, talks of a Netflix revival jumped in at the appropriate time, and just like Firefly’s original hastened ending, it was over too soon. Judging by the reaction from articles read and videos seen post-LBCC, many fans feel disheartened even more than their usual melancholy after thinking about Wash’s final moments of life. However, this particular Browncoat feels as though his resolve has never been stronger! Find out why after the jump!

Anyone who’s read my articles here knows my passion for Firefly, and how I yearn for the series to continue, so let’s not beat around the bush. Last weekend at the Firefly reunion panel, Nathan Fillion was quoted saying “It was everything, how can you ask for more,” leading the internet to explode with a hate train of “Nathan Fillion thinks one season of Firefly was enough.” Let’s be honest, I’m not the only one that felt their blood boil with rage, throw their laptop against a wall, and take to the internet blogosphere while marathoning the whole series on my now duct-taped computer (you know, because of the wall impact.)

However, once my core temperature dropped and the barrel of whiskey started to wear off, common sense once again crept back into my head. What would 6+ seasons and a movie of Firefly actually been like? Perhaps instead of canceling it, [Rhymes with Box] studios could have turned it into some mutilated horror that would have made us hate it!

Let that sink in for a moment… what if we hated Firefly?

I’m sure there are those out there that do, but this America and they have a constitutional right to be a dumbass. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel short changed on everything we could have had. For instance, hints were dropped at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 about Zoe being pregnant and Inara having a terminal illness. Both sound like story lines that could have kept the show going strong. But what else? We know Joss Whedon’s other works, and we know he loves secret spooky organizations, new characters, making us love those new characters, and killing them. Man, he and George R. R. should grab a cup of coffee… or the collected tears of their fan base. Personally, I would have loved to see more of the Two by Two/Hands of Blue Crew and their inner workings. We caught a glimpse of the next level with our good buddy, The Operative.

Imagine an arc of episodes devoted to how an Operative becomes so! Yeah, those chills up and down your spine feel good, don’t they? Rumors also exist of the shady Blue Sun corporation, ones believed to be responsible for terra-forming and therefore likely designers and distributors of the dreaded PAX. Knowing Mr. Whedon, I would have loved to see parallels of that corrupt, profit-driven government with our own. (Or maybe that’s why [rhymes with buttocks] studios pulled the plug!)

In the recent publication of Leaves on the Wind (another article of mine here), our favorite bounty hunter Jubal Earle survived his bout with being shot out into space and has a personal vendetta against River and Mal (get in line). LOTW once again left his ending open for more, giving him the ever intriguing role of the persistent nemesis. I’ve personally always thought of him as the anti-River. Maybe he was once a student at the mysterious Academy, like River, and went nuts from experimentation too! He clearly went dark side, opposing River’s pure innocence on top of being a deadly assassin. This leads me to another idea from what I know about Joss Whedon’s works, specifically Fred transitioning into Illyria during the last season of Angel. What if River ever embraces her nature as a living weapon, truly becoming the Albatross the Operative warned us about? In the last few paragraphs I humbly believe I have come up with enough ideas to have kept the show well written and intriguing for at the very least a few more seasons. But there, as the bard would say, lies the rub.

What if the space western’s sudden betrayal of an ending is what makes it what it is? Say Firefly hadn’t been canceled before it’s time and just took a nose dive right into the suck? What if our hearts desires are answered, we get our Netflix revival, and it turns out like the Star Wars prequels? What if Firefly was ended up just different enough from what it is to make us, Browncoats, not have the passion for it we have? That right there is a world I don’t want to live in.

Now, like Zoe said in “Heart of Gold,” we’re not scared of losing something so bad we won’t try and have it. I’ll always push for more Firefly to happen, but if the actors who gave it life and the creators who thought it up are dispassionate about it, I wouldn’t want it in the hands of someone who’s never seen a single episode.

In conclusion, series revival or not, Browncoats will never stop being Browncoats, just as any other fandom will never stop being themselves. Every day I’m surfing the internet I find something new. Etsy is especially is full to the brim of creative people, hand making things they love inspired by what they love. Firefly has been off the air now for fourteen years and I see new works of art based on it every day, from fan fiction to Han and Mal t-shirts to hand-carved wooden flasks of every character (I’m sorry I’m not sorry for that shameless plug etsy.com.shop/sinecerecarpentry). Hell, last week I saw hand-knit bra based on Jayne’s Cunning Hat! I want one of those for its sexy brilliance even if I have no physical use for it! I know it sounds like I’m a broken record from my Suicide Squad rant, but I will always declare how indescribably awesome the nerd/geek community is, for we can endure anything.

We may take to the internet and whine on occasion, but out of the ashes comes a creativity that cannot be stifled by any blue handed official from [rhymes with Botox] studios. I guaran-gorram-tee you that there will be a twenty-year Firefly reunion panel whether or not the series finds new life, just like there will be Stark Trek fans fifty years after it started, Harry Potter fans long after the series has ended, all continuing to pour their heart and soul into their crafts. That, ladies and gentlenerds, brings a smile to my face more than any Netflix spin-off ever could. So even if our heroes, like our Captain and our God (Fillion and Whedon, respectively) cannot see themselves on the bridge of that Firefly-class hunk of beauty, don’t let that soften your resolve, for you are beautiful!

In the meantime, I have been enjoying the ever loving Hell out of Dark Matter, which does a fair job of scratching my the itch the lacking of Firefly has left in my life. Give it a shot, first season is on Netflix.

Stay Shiny!

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