It’s a really good thing I wrote this article late at night, since I cried grossly through most of it. Some things you never get over.

I get emotionally attached to fictional characters far too easily. It’s a constant struggle. This Five Fandom list was a constant struggle. I’m still having all the feelings. Here are a few of the worst.

Owen, Toshiko, & Ianto

jack and ianto

Many people I know are fond of the phrase “Children of Earth ruined my life.” Torchwood? Fuck that Children of Earth episode. You know the one. And yeah, Children of Earth ruined my life. But everyone seems to overlook the episodes before the fated Children of Earth.

Children of Earth made sure I’d never be happy again. But Exit Wounds broke me.

owen tosh

Sirius Black

sirius black

No, shhhhhh. He’s fine. FINE.

I remember picking up The Order of the Phoenix at a Borders midnight release party, taking it home, curling up on my couch, and spending the entire night reading. My parents woke up to me sobbing on the couch during the predawn hours, inconsolable. The tear stains still mar the pages. I wrote fanfics explaining what had happened to Sirius Black and how he was actually alive for years.

Years later, I handled Remus Lupin’s death with a similar grace….that is to say, messy crying and a general inability to function for several hours.

Finnick Odair


I tend to get really upset when creators give characters that have been through hell and back just a little bit of happiness and then RIP IT CRUELLY AWAY. Kind of like Remus and Tonks. Annie and Finnick.

Finnick is obviously fine, of course, celebrating his like 20th anniversary with Annie and chasing his almost adult children around the garden. Obviously.

Laverne Roberts

SCRUBS -- Pictured: Aloma Wright as Nurse Laverne Roberts -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Scrubs was always a real roller coaster of emotion. I’d cry as often as laugh. But the sudden and heavy hitting death of faith-filled, ever sassy Laverne Roberts has stayed with me to this day. It has  a lot to do with how beautifully the ordeal was handled through the eyes of various characters. It was a phenomenally emotional and impactful arc in the show’s run.

Bobby Singer


I bought a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough and a pint of ice cream and sat in the dark crying with my best friend. I’d like to say that’s an exaggeration, but it’s really really not.



There are many, many other deaths in fandom that I remain upset about. We’re not even going to mention a certain leaf on the wind, for example. Or the multitude of other painful deaths brought to us by Madame J.K. Rowling. It’s hard being an easy crier.


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