These are some of the booths at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con that we think should be on your “must-see” list, and we haven’t even conquered the whole exhibit hall floor!

Loot Crate

The subscription box service that caters to “comic con in a box” is back in a booth serving many functions this year! With their recent foray into partnered crates, guests of Los Angeles Comic Con can head to the Marvel Gear + Goods section of the booth and grab a photo in their photo booth or head over to the Sanrio side of the booth and grab a photo in front of the adorable wall art! You never know, there may be some Sanrio guests that stop on by. 

What about awesome loot to purchase? You can make your own crate! You heard us right- build your own crate! You’re able to pick from items and make a crate of your dreams (if you tend to dream in loot. That would be abso-loot-ley fun)

Where can you find the Loot Crate booth? Booth #800!

Boonzy Arts

We’re suckers for things that smell good, and Boonzy Arts has candles that will tickle the noses of all those who stop to get a whiff. There are fandom scents from classics like Little Shop of Horrors to new faves such as Strangers Things (no seriously, stop by and smell “The Upside Down”). 

Where can you find the Boonzy Arts booth? Booth F48!

S&S Ink

Two words: Fandom Scarf. We saw it. We decided we needed it. By the time this convention weekend is over, there is a high chance that the scarf will be in our possession. 

Where can you find the S&S Ink booth? Booth J25!

Geek Fashion Alley (that’s at least what we’re calling it…)

Hoooo boy does Los Angeles Comic Con have some fashion waiting for you! The combined booths of Whosits and Whatsits, Hero Within, Castle Corsetry, and Elhoffer Designs have all come together be what we call “Geek Fashion Alley.” These booths of talented designers can make an outfit perfect for you in one stop. 

Grab a magical Disney-inspired shirt or hat from the folks over at Whosits and Whatsits before you check out their neighbor in all things menswear, Hero Within! That Flash track jacket will be ours, we promise Tony!

You want a costume corset, or one for your own use outside of a con? Castle Corsetry has you covered. Their pieces are gorgeous! And say you’ve been wanting to rep your Hogwarts house pride? Elhoffer Designs has the perfect sweater for you! But don’t be afraid to head to a galaxy far far away with some of her other reminiscent of Star Wars. 

Where can you find all of these booths? Head towards the Hot Topic Stage, look on the right!

Artist Alley

What can we say about the irresistible draw of Artist Alley? Well, it gets us every time. There is so much talent and an abundance of creative ideas that run up and down those alley aisles that it is hard to not find something for everyone. You have art, you have crafts, you have monster Monster cans (no, we’re not kidding), and so much more. We highly suggest you find yourself getting lost in the aisles of AA this year.


We’re bound to see more favorites, so keep this page up as we update it! You at the con and see a booth we should be visiting? Tweet us @nerdsdoingstuff and let us know to check it out!



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