As of April 2015, Funimation has officially launched a streaming app for the PS4. The new app, which many PS4 users have been eagerly awaiting, allows users to access Funimation’s streaming library from their PS4 device. Fiiiiinally. Seriously, we upgraded to a PS4 and retired our PS3…a few weeks later the PS3 app launched with no news of one for the PS4, so I know how the waiting feels. The app is free, but there is a subscription service required in order to access the full catalog at your leisure. One package offers unlimited access to everything Funimation has to offer, but for those of us who have been horrifically appalled by Funimation’s dubbing attempts (looking at you, Karneval), a second option grants access specifically to all subbed content, including simulcasts.

From Funimation:

Start your streaming experience today, and unlock instant access to…

  • The latest seasonal simulcasts: watch the hottest shows as soon as they air in Japan
  • Exclusive access to FUNimation Broadcast Dubs, English-dubbed episodes available within weeks of broadcasting in Japan
  • Uncut and uninterrupted high quality video
  • Thousands of subtitled and dubbed anime episodes and movies

The app launches just in time for the new anime season, and Funimation is ever adding new content as DVD/blu-ray releases occur. One subscription and I’m ready to get back into my anime-obsession phase. Bring it on. I don’t need an IRL life, right???


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