No, you read that right- seconds.

Earlier today, Funko held their ticket sales for the their San Diego Comic-Con even, the Funko Fundays. Funko described the event on their blog post in great excitement, for good reason:

It’s that time again! This year promises to be bigger and better with more entertainment than ever. You’ll spend the evening of Friday, July 22nd at the Grand Hyatt Manchester in lovely San Diego with your fellow funatics, Funko employees and special guests. Everyone will be enjoying food, drinks and a full evening of entertainment hosted by Funko’s very own Brian Mariotti and Mike Becker. There will be prizes galore, contests, corn, and a whole lot more. And, of course, every attendee receives a legendary Funko “Box O’ Fun” just for being part of this annual event. Each attendee also receives two drink tickets, heavy appetizers and enough memories to last three lifetimes.

Tickets went on sale on their Eventbrite page at 12pm PST…and promptly sold out anywhere between 10-30 seconds later. It felt about 30, but people reporting in right after noon stated that they saw the “SOLD OUT” verbiage almost immediately. Interested people could sign up for the wait list, in the event that any tickets were returned.

About 30 minutes later, Funk confirmed the sell out with the following tweet:

Of course, there were the people who were unhappy about the almost instantaneous sell out. Funko went on to explain how many tickets vs. people attempting to buy, plus even the room used for the event.

As it happens with most high-interest events, the reports of scalping of tickets were seen very quickly, even with Funko’s attempts to keep scalping down. The event’s guidelines even help to promote a fan-driven party. It was made very apparent that people scalping tickets was frowned upon, seeing as Funko stated that “while you may update the name on your ticket, it is not permissible to sell your ticket. Any attempts at selling tickets will result in cancellation of said ticket. ” Their social media made it very clear they were serious about this.

It’s sad to say that this sort of thing always happens, but we’ve seen it for cons, we’ve seen it for concerts, we’ve seen it in many different ways in all arms of popular culture. But when people want to go to an event, they will do all they can to get there.

We were lucky enough to score tickets in today’s sale, so we’ll be giving you an update come July after the event. What sort of things do you think will come from Funko Fundays? Any predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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