At this point, we’re more surprised when a day goes by without a Funko-related announcement–be it pop concept, first actual looks, or a list of new series facing pop-i-fication. The popsplosion continues to reach into the corners of fandom and media, bringing forth creations both highly anticipated and occasionally a little WTF (looking at you, Talladega Nights pops).

While Funko put out a large catalog at the beginning of the year to highlight upcoming releases, dozens more announcements have supplemented their original line-up during the past few months. Some of the products we’ve been shown (in the last month, even!) were included in the catalog as concept art while others are wholly new surprises, but all the pops we’ve seen lately are a cause for excitement. The concept mock-ups aren’t quite the same as being able to take a look at the actual product coming to shelves, so even the ones we’ve been expecting are fun.  Like many other Funkophiles, we’ve been hanging on to every announcement and glancing dolefully towards our wallets as we realize how quickly we shall be parted from our hard-earned cash once they hit shelves. We kept careful track of the announcements that stemmed from the catalog back at the beginning of the year, but now it’s time to look towards new future purchases.

They’ll be there for yooouuu, sitting up on your shelf, 
They’ll be there for yooouuu, with their 90’s hair-dos

friends pop vinyl

It’s only right to begin with Friends, one of those shows that were crucial during my formative years. Let’s face it, most of us are who we are today thanks in part to these six. EW had the full exclusive, including an interview with the VP of creative. They’re currently up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth’s website, with a projected release date of Feb. 2016.

Seriously though, could we BE any more excited?

Arrow Wave 2




Arrow has seen a lot of Pop! action lately, including a hash of unmasked variants on both Oliver McQueen and Deathstroke, plus a roughed up island version of Oliver. Now, the announcements for the second wave are amping up, complete with this cute concept art for one of the show’s most prominent female characters: Felicity Smoak!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show



I see you shiver with antic-i………………………………………………………….



Crimson Peak

crimson peak pop vinylRound out your horror shelf with these cutesy Crimson Peak pops. Or, ya know, furiously add to your Tom Hiddleston pop! collection. Either’s cool.


sherlock pops


Another highly anticipated set brings the characters of BBC’s Sherlock to pop form. The level of detail on this set is just phenomenal, really. I love Mycroft’s casual little umbrella lean.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty python pop vinyl1 monty python pop vinyl2

monty python 3


Just look at that little King Arthur. I would totally vote for him.

The only regret is that the Black Knight’s limbs aren’t detachable.


bioshock pops

The main series are already up for preorder with Entertainment Earth, due out in October. There’s also the Gamestop Exclusive jumbo Songbird, who doesn’t have an official shot yet. There is some concept art to check out in the mean time, though!

songbird bioshock gamestop exclusive


Batman Arkham Knight

batman arkham knight


WWE Additions

wwe pop vinyls


The Strain

the strain pop vinyl


The Fifth Element

fifth element pop figure


Every set comes with its own set of exclusives, pre-releases, and variants, giving fans countless options for collecting. We suggest keeping an eye out at Hot Topic, which scores many a pre-release and a healthy dose of exclusives, as well as Barnes and Noble or Gamestop. If you’re more the pre-order now and forget about it until it shows up at your door, Entertainment Earth offers a wide selection of pre-orders. Happy pop collecting!



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