Just watch it and bask. You’ve earned it. We’ve waited long enough. 

Hit the jump for a series of rushed initial reactions. And, as always, be wary of those there spoilers.

  • SWEET PRECIOUS ONION KNIGHT! Westeros’ sole beacon of reason and sense during this chaotic time. Trust Ser Davos to see what’s REALLY important in the coming days. Who gives a fuck about a prickly chair when HELLO the end of days and the coming storm and all. 
  • Alright, look. Don’t you dare try to sell me on a Jon/Sansa rivalry like Jon Snow (errr, Targaryen) wants a crown upon his perfectly coiffed curls. I’ll buy that our little bird is in it to win it, but there is no argument for Jon having an ounce of desire for the power of a crown. Kiddo looked downright uncomfortable when the Northmen were chanting “King in the North”….kind of like how uncomfortable he was with being named Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jon Snow didn’t ask for any of this. Hell, if Sansa straight up told him she wanted to be queen he’d probably be like “YES. GREAT. Here you go sis I bow to your greatness your highness how may I serve you?” DON’T. DO. IT. (I’m afraid this is exactly what they’re going to do.)
  • This does not change the fact that Jon Snow is an excellent leader and probably IS exactly the kind of King that could put an end to all of Westeros’ nonsense. But this is neither here nor there. 
  • I want that map room. I need it. I am going to paint an enormous map of Westeros on my living room floor. 
  • First off, GET SOME YARA, Second off, RIP YARA. Making out with a Sand Snake is deadly business, and depending on how loyal our Martell girlies are to dear Daenerys, I’m here to bet for some venom lacing her lipstick. The Ironborn with their pillaging and raping and disregard for basic human rights have no place in Daenerys’ ideal kingdom, and she hasn’t exactly proven the type of leader to look the other way for a hand-me-out. Girl is fire and blood and stubborn like no other. 
  • Jaime buddy come on now aren’t you a little late for your change of heart? Let’s go man.
  • I want to see Littlefinger just fucking destroyed. Preferably by Sansa, backed up by her boy Jon. 
  • CleganeBowl confirmed?
  • Ser Davos is the best and always has been and will always continue to be. Bless his perfect little smuggler’s soul.



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