Each year, San Diego Comic Con becomes the prime event that more and more people want to attend. Based in beautiful San Diego, California, the convention brings together all forms of media and popular arts. The goal of SDCC is to celebrate those popular arts, and with comics, television, film, gaming, and more, the convention lives up to its name year after year in the grandest form. Beyond the action inside the convention center, San Diego itself comes to life,  filling downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp Quarter with with excellent cosplay, devoted fans, and people of all ages looking to soak up the nerdy fun. We’re going to take you on a little trip around SDCC in preparation for the big event itself.



The above map may be a dramatic representation of how San Diego Comic Con feels, but in every case, it’s true. The expanse of San Diego and San Diego Comic Con is huge! You’ll be at the convention center. You’ll be all around the Gaslamp Quarter. You’ll be over by Petco Park and all the installation goodness there. You’ll be along Harbor Blvd checking out all the action of convention attendees coming and going. You’ll be at the New Children’s Museum this year, basking in NerdHQ glory. Heck, you may even be in one of the hotels, taking in a video game from the likes of Nintendo or Microsoft.SanDiegoComicCon

 San Diego Comic Con gives attendees a sprawling layout and a plethora of dining and hotel accommodations within walking distance. To even begin to imagine the sheer magnitude of the area around the convention center, here are some stats for you.  The San Diego region boasts over 55,000 hotel rooms with a wide range of prices and locations. The San Diego Comic Con Block of hotels holds a significant number of hotels, ranging from downtown San Diego (the most sought after hotels,) to Coronado Beach, to Mission Valley and Hotel Circle. No matter where you look, San Diego envelopes Comic Con.


The Geek and Sundry Lounge

The Gaslamp Quarter, or just Gaslamp to many, will be your one stop for all things happening outside of the San Diego Convention Center. The events in the Gaslamp just bolster the excitement during the convention itself. The streets are filled with convention attendees, all there to geek out about the same thing. The restaurants that line the streets have all the delicious food you need, and the off-site events that take over downtown are a good way to have a breath of fresh air. In prior years, the Gaslamp has been the place to go for sponsored events, such as Nerd HQ, the Geek and Sundry Lounge, Conan O’Brien’s “Coco Moco” museum of art, Disney Infinity showcases, and really so many more.

Nerd HQ Party
Encounters with celebrities can happen almost anywhere.

You can also expect, and most of the time not because you are looking out for them, but to have some celebrity encounters while you’re in the Gaslamp or in your hotel. Seeing as San Diego Comic Con brings everyone together, there will always be that chance that you will run into someone. In the past we have run into Kevin Smith, Lou Ferigno in our hotel elevator, the entire cast of Teen Wolf  in our hotel bar, and even the 11th Doctor and his companion, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as we were walking out of dinner one night. See? Always have that sharpie or pen on you, in case this does happen. A word of advice though: celebrities are also there to have fun and enjoy themselves when they are not pressed to be on stage or on a panel somewhere. If someone politely declines your asking for a photo or autograph, don’t take it personally. Just cherish the fact that you met the person!


So you have your room, you know where things are in the Gaslamp, and you’re ready for the main event: the convention itself. Inside the exhibit halls and panel rooms of San Diego Comic Con, you will see sights that will delight your eyes and make your senses tingle. You will actually want more than one set of eyes so you can take in everything. Walking the expanse of Hall A to Hall G will feel like a trek through the promised land, and by the end of the convention, you may or may not have seen everything the convention has to offer. In the panel rooms, you’ll laugh, gasp, “oooh” and “ahhh,” and just have a good time hearing about the things you love. While the big panel rooms such as Hall H and Ballroom 20 pack in guests for television and film, the smaller rooms with in-depth discussions on comics, books, psychology of different pop culture aspect, and fan panels may be some of the most enjoyable. We have in the past gone and enjoyed ourselves immensely there while avoiding the crowds in the bigger plans. Take a chance on those smaller panels, they are worth it!


We’ll be continuing our series on preparing for San Diego Comic Con as the days draw nearer and nearer. Is there anything you want some advice on? Need a question answered? Let us know. We’re here to help! See ya next time!

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