We can feel our wallets getting lighter already. CCI released their list of 2017 convention exclusives to the masses today and we’ve already seen excited reactions to the awesome merchandise included. We’ve gone through the list to bring you some of our favorites! 

Arcana Studio Inc, Booth # 2515: Cthulu Plush

Price: $25.00

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu stories, this limited edition plush is back making a great addition alongside your Lovecraft literature.  This SDCC exclusive toy is a must for any Lovecraft fan, and for those who must answer ‘The Call of the Cthulhu’

Bored Inc, Booth # 609: Unicorn & Taco Pillow Plush

Price: $25.00

What’s better than a unicorn and a taco? This magical handmade pillow plush will make all your dreams come true.

CineQuest.com, Booth # 4539: 2017 “LADIES OF THE CON” TOTE BAG (Pre-order by clicking the link)

Price: $20.00

CineQuest.com has partnered with FanMail – the geek box for and by lady geeks – to present the 2017 “LADIES OF THE CON” zippered tote bag, featuring beautiful artwork by Jordandene. No power in the ‘verse should stop you from buying this girl-power bag!

Dark Horse Comics, Inc., Booth # 2615: American Gods: Shadows #1 Convention Exclusive Variant Cover by Skottie Young

Price: $10.00

Hero Within, Booth # 1019: Wonder Woman Men’s Fashion Shirt

Price: $29.00

Embrace Amazonian power with our tone on tone black tee. Subtle, sophisticated and stylish, celebrate Wonder Woman with our very first t-shirt in our Justice League Collection. Offered in a very limited run and only available at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Officially licensed by Warner Bros and DC Comics.

Loot Crate, Inc., Booth # 3635: Rick and Morty “Peace Among Worlds” Rick Figure Exclusive Variant

Price: $20.00

Rick and Morty “Peace Among Worlds” Rick Figure Exclusive Variant, made by Loot Crate, licensed by Cartoon Network. This figure is an exclusive gold variant and replicates Rick’s arrival and greeting to the denizens of the micro verse. The figure also comes with a base that is the ramp of the space ship. Made with the same attention to detail as Loot Crate’s other original figures, such as the Halo Icons figure line and the WWE Slam Stars Collectible Figures. Limited quantities and numbered packaging.

Monogram International Inc, Booth # 3645: Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Keyring 3 pcs Set

Price: $25.00

Monogram has exclusively created a Kingdom Hearts 3 piece set of 3D Foam Key Rings. The set includes Sora, Mickey, and Sora’s key blade. This will make a great gift for the video game enthusiasts in your life.

Monogram International Inc, Booth # 3645: Sailor Moon 3pc Key Ring Set

Price: $25.00

Fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight with Monogram’s SDCC Exclusive Sailor Moon 3D Foam Key Ring 3 piece set. The set includes Usagi in her Sailor Moon outfit, Luna, and Mamoru in his Tuxedo Mask disguise. First to be featured at SDCC Available at Comic Con before the Blind Bag Series hit stores

NECA, Booth # 3145: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – Death 8″ Clothed Action Figure

Price: $35.00

From Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey! Whether you call him the Duke of Spook, the Doc of Shock, or the Man with No Tan, Death is now a truly excellent clothed action figure. Life is great for Bill and Ted… until they’re killed by evil robots from the future! To cheat death, save the world from evil, rescue the princess babes, and be back in time to win the Battle of the Bands, they’ll need a little help from the Grim Reaper himself. Death stands 8” tall and features the authorized likeness of William Sadler. The fully poseable figure has a mixed media fabric robe and cowl, and comes with a scythe accessory. Window box packaging.

Quantum Mechanix, Inc, Booth # 4145: DC Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max

Price: $29.95

The DC Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max from Quantum Mechanix is a fierce incarnation of the powerful Amazonian princess whose mission is to fight corruption and restore peace. Steely eyed and fully armed, Wonder Woman rides her ebony steed clad in her trademark red-and-blue costume and sports her bullet-deflecting bracelets and gleaming tiara. Wielding a sword and golden Lasso of Truth, she is ready for any battle that lies ahead. Measuring 5 inches tall and featuring metallic paint and hand detailing.

Titan Entertainment, Booth # 5537: Firefly: Back From The Black with Comic-Con Exclusive enamel pin

Price: $15.00

Get your own limited edition glow-in-the-dark enamel Serenity pin with every copy of the brand-new book Firefly: Back From The Black. Artist Joey Spiotti has imagined the crew back on Earth-That-Was in this charming gift book that is a must-have for Browncoats everywhere!

Titan Entertainment, Booth # 5537: Game Of Thrones TITANS: Exclusive 4.5″ Translucent Night King TITANS

Price: $15.00

Game Of Thrones TITANS: Exclusive 4.5″ Translucent Night King TITANS window-boxed vinyl figure.

toddland, Booth # 4429 Kid Robot x toddland 3″ Bob’s Burgers exclusive blindbox Underpants Gene and Blond Linda

Price: $15.00

Kid Robot x toddland exclusive Bob’s Burgers 3″ blindbox mini’s. Exclusive Blond Linda and Underpants Gene. Not found in the normal production run set and exclusive to toddland. You can advance order HERE!

Toynami, Inc., Booth # 3229: Metallic Sonic / Hello Kitty Deluxe Plush

Price: $40.00

Toynami and Sanrio are at it again, mashing up their legendary HELLO KITTY license with another mammoth property! This time, the world of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG will mash-up with HELLO KITTY and her friends. This year we will debut a limited edition Metallic Sonic / Hello Kitty deluxe plush!


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