While the category may be “Small Press”, there’s nothing small about the section itself. SDCC boasts sprawling lines of small presses writers, illustrators, comic creators, artists, and designers (to name a few of the talents represented within this group).

Every year we wander into the labyrinth that is Small Press with very little idea of what we might find within its depths. And every year this is where at least 75% of my money is spent.

While I have no intention of changing how I send most of my money into the hands of these marvelous creators, I would very much like to approach the lanes slightly more prepared. There’s some amazing talent to be found there, but as we prepare excitedly for the adventures we will have at SDCC we forget that they too are back in the real world preparing for a week of talking and selling and greeting and creating fans. Many of them are using the same social media we love to vent our frustrations over lines (sorry, HallHLine), excitement over big brand exclusives, and scream in agony as we attempt to complete overly ambitious cosplay. Thus, I’ve decided to spend time I’d otherwise spend refreshing twitter every .02 seconds looking for news exploring who’s going to be sitting behind those inviting (and slightly overwhelming) small press tables. I’m always eager to become a fan once a table has been stumbled upon on the convention floor, so why not start a little early and try to acquaint myself with this incredible talent beforehand?

These are some of the Small Press attendees I’ve seen floating around on the interwebs, ready to take my money.

CLAUS Studios


Justin Harder is the talent behind Claus Studios, bringing a unique twist to some character classics. Elegant lines and elongated features are employed to create captivating and beautiful pieces of art. Find him at Table L-10.

Too Much Coffee Man

tmcm wine

Shannon Wheeler manages to hit a whole new level of snarky truth through his comic panels and strips. Creator of Too Much Coffee Man, the hero nobody needs but everyone can relate to, Shannon Wheeler and his comics have been included in a wide array of publications and collections. Find him at Table K-13.

Above the Clouds


Melissa Pagluica illustrates and writes a comic called “Above the Clouds”, a story that shifts between the real world and the world inside of a work-in-progress book. The 3 chapters currently out are available to read on her website, and it’s absolutely worth checking out. The combination of worlds, use of nonverbal presence, and truly stunning artwork (I’m in love) promise amazing things to come. So far it’s been heartwarming, sad, and empowering, with every chapter bringing new surprises and more depth to each of her characters.


The NinjaBot


Purveyors of creatively artistic nerd posters, the folks behind The Ninjabot explore a love for the geeky in the form of aesthetically pleasing art. Sign up for a commission or pick up an artsy geek inspired print. You can find them at Table L-08.

A05go-lE_400x400Plus, they have a daily button giveaway, and one features BB-8–it’s super cute!

Zombie Playground Publishing


“An apocalypse of children’s literature”

 Creators of the imaginative adventure of a young boy in Jack and the Zombie Attack, Zombie Playground Publishing fosters the unbound creativity of kids while instilling a moral twist to the tales. Their newest publication, Jack and the Pirate Attack, was recently funded on Kickstarter, and it looks like an extremely fun romp through a child’s imagination that challenges bullying in its’ rather unique and a little off-the-wall approach to children’s fantasies. Be sure to check them out at Table Q13, especially if you have little ones in your life in need of creative reading options.



Christine Knopp is an illustrator and professional doodler, and everything she does is all kinds of amazing. I can’t decide what I love more–the original fantasy pieces or all of the Pokemon…I think I’ll have to go with both. Swing by her booth at L-06 for a look at her gorgeous creations.


Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list, since there are many other very talented creators who will be tabling in the Small Press section. There will be lots of diverse options–which means there’s something for everyone! View the complete list and floor plan to explore more. Happy Con planning!

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