Danger and death running rampant,  buildings in ruins, panic, hysteria, and oh yeah, one of the main characters has just turned into a demon because of the powers of his succubus mother. Sounds like a typical day, right? It may be if you’re part of the Latimer Family from Goners. “We All Fall Down,” the first story arc of Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona’s comic, wraps up with Issue #6 and we had the chance to get a little preview of it before it hits the shelves this Wednesday. Come along for one wild ride, won’t you?

If you’ve been following along in the comics (we hope you have because it’s such a great read) then you will already know that things are looking a bit grim for the Latimer’s and company. See?


I can honestly say I was not too optimistic about what was going to happen because well, look at that jump! And the hanging from the side of a giant creature? Does any of that seem to be something a normal person could handle? Not to mention that just panels before there was oh so much blood. I think we have seen enough television and read enough comics to know that well…grim things happen.

But wait! Could the outcome for the Latimer’s be different than usual norm? You know, with their parents being dead from Issue #1, monsters, mayhem, and more, one has to wonder! What do you think? Want to make predictions? Let us know in the comments!

Okay, maybe I did spoil something with this image.
Okay, maybe I did spoil something with this image.

The issue connects perfectly with the  previous five before it and does a magnificent job at tying up loose ends to the first arc, keeping readers in suspense of what is going to happen next, and setting things up for what fans of the comic hope will be another story arc! Writer Jacob Semahn threads both the dramatic and comedic throughout the issue, giving readers a combination of the dramatic tension that a concluding issue should hold, but also moments that made me laugh out loud when reading.

Jorge Corona continues to bring page after page of great art that you have to see to really get the full effect. Each character is their own in the way they are drawn, the different scenarios throughout the issue take on their own personalities (there are time jumps in the beginning of the issue, and you can tell the overall atmosphere in different moments just from the art itself. There are some awesome artistic parallels that I totally dug when reading the issue again too! Keep your eye out for them!

Seeing as this is the final issue of the first arc, I want to take some time to give the utmost credit to the rest of the Goners team, who I think I may have left out in previous reviews. Steve Wands brings vibrant inking and lettering throughout all 6 issues that make Semahn’s words and Corona’s art stand out page after page. Gabriel Cassata’s colors and Morgan Beem’s watercolors blew me away each issue and I can’t thank them enough for making the experience a colorful one. Lastly, Kathleen Mackay’s editing helped bring the story together over six issues of a solid, well-paced and exciting story.

Come Wednesday, don’t walk to your local comic book store. Run! Get this book! Get the issues prior if they have them in stock, or order the trade paperback from your local comic book store right then and there. You won’t be disappointed. If you like great story, eye-catching art and colors, and some amazing supernatural lore, Goners is the book for you.

Goners #6: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Goners is from Image Comics and available at your local comic book retailer and available digitally.


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