It’s a never-ending mission: to explore exotic creations, to seek out new artists and new ideas, to boldly go where no one has resisted the call of their credit card (or paypal account). If you’re anything like me, you sit wistfully on Etsy and click through pages of glorious, custom-made accessories, falling a little bit in love with every one. A quick jaunt to this crafters’ website does nothing more than add 10 new pages to your wishlist and leave a sobbing wallet in its wake.

The possibilities are endless. Since many large companies have a terrible track record for releasing merchandise fans actually want, Etsy is a great go-to for fanmade, fan-desired product. Jewelry, kitchenware, clothing, bags, wallets, scarves, decals–you get the picture. People with similar passions just trying to help others express their interests. Hell, that’s why I decided to open up my own Etsy and share the Sherlock bracelets I was fervently making for my personal use with other fans.

We’ve turned to the creative artists putting there work out there either on the web or the convention show floor to help accessorize our wedding, furnish our apartment, and fill our everyday life with a little handmade nerdiness. We’ve discovered amazing new shops in person at many a convention, thrilled that we can turn to Etsy to continue our patronage when the con season moves on.

tumblr_nkzf6eNu6A1r3idrto1_500And of course, Etsy is not perfect, but it remains the largest marketplace for purveyors of fandom and handmade crafts. It’s the best place to turn when the urge to buy impulsively strikes, or the desperate search for an accessory to flaunt your newest fandom overcomes, and it’s nearly impossible to be disappointed with the results. While Etsy is also well-known for the kitschy quality of designer clothing and modern chic furnishings, we’re turning our eye to the more fun side of the web-based storefront: the Treat Yo’Self items. Sometimes, you just need to splurge on a revamped or handmade accessory, especially if it boasts one of your favorites. No one’s judging. Not here.

We can’t help but talk about some of our absolute favorite Etsy purchases that can only be described as us treating ourselves. Of course, many of them have practical applications and are regularly used, but sometimes they beg the question of: “Do you reeeeeally need that?” (Yes. The answer, if I am asked, is always Yes.)

Sentimental DollieZ

sentimentaldolliez disney princesses

Miniature clay molded, super kawaii figures are pretty difficult to pass up, and they’re even more endearing when made here. Everything screams adorable, complete with sparkles and pastels and chibi models. She’s constantly crafting new pieces, and since clay is a medium that eludes me completely, I am constantly fascinated by the things she is able to do with it. Not only are her items adorable, they’re also super hardy. My half of a Paopu fruit keychain goes through regular duress and looks pretty much the same as the day I got it.

sentimentaldolliex eeveelutions




For a Southern California girl, these unbelievably adorable custom umbrellas are truly a Treat Yo Self item. Until El Nino rolls in, that is! I’d weather endless rainstorms if I could have the super cute Eeveelution umbrella I’ve been lusting over for months. Charms, buttons, kawaii printed zip bags–it’s all there. The cute is impossible to resist.


SineCera Carpentry

il_fullxfull.594322188_s12eThe beautiful crafting found in this shop is definitely on the more rugged side of creation, but the hand carved details are striking. Displaying his passion for the realm of nerdiness and for working hard to craft something unique, the flasks, carvings, and lighters popular from SineCera incorporate many nerdy interests into the designs. Some of the common themes include Firefly, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and Boondock Saints, but the categories are ever expanding.

I’m just in love with the lasting quality of the woodwork and the sheer loveliness of the designs. Not that I particularly need a flask that reminds me of Wash (-sniffle-), but it certainly gives one a reason to drink.



Fizzy Fairy Apothecary

fizzy fairy

Sure, we could take a drive down to Lush and choose from a wide selection of bath bombs. They’re just fine. But do they have little Pokemon tucked away inside? Do they magnificently display your favorite fandoms AND make your bath water velvety and pretty. Are they hand-crafted by an artist who is clearly dedicated to her craft? Probably not.

Aside from super delightful smelling and looking bathbombs, Fizzy Fairy Apothecary (which deserves all the credit for an awesome name) also stocks soap and super cute candles with similar themes.


So go ahead, treat yourself.



Up next week: Perfectly Nerdy Wedding Accents (aka we basically put our wedding together with Etsy buys)

In the meantime, please let us know about some of your favorite Etsy finds! Or, do you have a small business? Share it below! I always want to hear about artistic creations from individuals!

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