Earlier today, TVLine broke the news that the hit NBC show Hannibal would be ending its run with the completion of the 3rd season (airing now through August). Dramatic dips in viewership and ratings have left the show open to such a possibility. Many people were shocked at this cancellation, especially regulars of social media outlets like Twitter and Tumblr, where Fannibals are very vocal, active members.

Needless to say, the news didn’t break quietly.

Bryan Fuller, the writer behind the show, has been leading a twitter charge, praising the dedication and tenacity of Fannibals and encouraging them to come together in support. Hannibal may be on NBC’s chop list, but Fuller has made it clear that Fannibals still have many opportunities to rally support and show just how powerful they are. Keep reading as we look at a few ways Hannibal fans can keep supporting their favorite TV show about Cannibalism.

After the news broke, Hannibal has been consistently trending on Twitter, showing us just how adamant the fans can be. Those on social media can utilize the #SaveHannibal hashtag to add their voices to the mix. As we’ve seen in the past, social media can have profound effects on the fate of our favorite shows.

A petition has already been started on Change.org and has nearly met its 10,000 signatures goal, giving us just a little glimpse of how quickly the fans can organize and how powerful that organization can be.

Aside from jumping up and down and making your voice heard via the internet, there are a handful of in person ways fans can exhibit their support and prove that Hannibal isn’t worth letting go of–or, is worth being picked up by someone bigger and better!

Aside from tuning in fervently for the remaining 10 episodes and bolstering the ratings, a series of upcoming events give us a great way to show just how important Hannibal is to fans.

lacmaFirst and foremost, LA based fans can join in on Thursday, July 23rd for “An Evening With Hannibal” as part of LACMA’s Film Independent Series. Bryan Fuller will screen episode 308 “The Great Red Dragon” and then share an on-stage interview. Read more about the event and how to get tickets.

Going to SDCC?

hannibal at sdcc

For those attending SDCC, Fuller has made it clear that Hannibal will be there in force, ready to appreciate their fans above all. The show has been a consistent relationship between fans, actors, and creators, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon. And you’ve gotta hand it to Bryan Fuller for getting so excited (read: passionate) that most of his tweets from today are in all caps.

With the recent explosion of non-Prime Time services picking up canceled shows, there’s hope to be found. Fans are looking towards Netflix, Hulu, or Amazin to bring the show back to life, offering the series exclusively through their streaming service. It’s certainly not unheard of; as streaming companies gain power and popularity, they have the ability to provide a home for shows that go unappreciated on cable TV. Amazon currently holds the rights to streaming services for Hannibal, so many are looking to the eCommerce giant to revitalize the show.

For now, Hannibal fans have to remain strong and present a clear message. Bryan Fuller has the right of it:

fuller message

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  1. Mmm, tasty fannibalism. In all seriousness, it’s awesome to see fans rally around a show. And look at that count on the petition! It’s only gone up more and more since you posted the article.

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