We here at Nerds Doing Stuff have a fond affinity for Cosplay. It was in our first year of attending San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 that we first started with a tiptoe into the world of Cosplay. We threw together some outfits and ended up a day dressed up as Doctors 9, 10, 11, and the ruggedly handsome Captain Jack Harkness.

It was a blast to walk the convention floor, not really trying to be 9, 10, 11, and Jack!noticed or be fancy, but there to share our love for one of the fandoms we were proud to be apart of. In was in that outfit that I was sung “Happy Birthday” to by John Barrowman (it’s on YouTube). It was fun, exciting, and we ended the convention trying to figure out just what we were going to do the very next year.

In 2012, in conjunction with the Firefly reunion, we broke out our shiniest outfits and went as Zoe, Kaylee, and Jayne. To be a part of the reunion panel in Ballroom 20 that year, and in cosplay, left us feeling like no power in the verse could stop us.

With the release of The Hobbit in 2013, we brought the party to the Shire with our versions of Party Thranduil and Bilbo Swaggins, while also heading to Westeros with the House Sigils from Game of Thrones.

We took on a big project at the end of 2013 with the release of Disney’s Frozen. My cosplay partner/co-founder of Nerds Doing Stuff/now wife Stacey decided one day that we should take on the characters of Anna and Kristoff. Little did we know that taking on this project would push us into cosplay like never before, and help us to develop skill to further our builds. We premiered our Frozen Cosplay at WonderCon in 2014.

It was also at WonderCon that I proposed to her, which made the bond of the two of us building these cosplays even stronger. We worked hard, helped one another when needed, fought, bled, burned, and ultimately made something that we could be proud of. You can see it in both of our faces, along with the happiness of being engaged in the photo next to this.

What we had not told people, but resolved within ourselves to do, was to take the build one step further. We set our sights on the “Fixer Upper” scene from the film, and got to work on building the intricate crowns and grass capes worn in the film. Our craft room saw green felt, fake leaves, and bamboo for weeks. It was when we put these on we really felt that we created something more. We were proud of our base outfits, but these add-ons were something we really tried, and succeeded with.

10271306_10152044510241198_6375727484075481342_oWe subsequently brought the cosplay to San Diego Comic-Con that year and had a huge response, the10349947_10152245898656198_5822727613059272148_n film still having a huge following and mass popularity. We found our strides as the characters, found ourselves acting as one might think they would, being creative in talking to people, posing for photos, and essentially just becoming one with the outfit. We were having fun, which is really what Cosplay is about. We have fun when doing it, and want to continue to have fun doing it.

In 2015, we focused on not doing just the Disney cosplay that we had become known for, but pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. We could not always be those Disney characters. They will hold a near and dear place in our hearts, but we wanted to push our creativity and what we had picked up from working on the builds, watching others make their own, and talking with others on what we may want to do next.

We build a Cersei Lannister cosplay that got the attention of Liam Cunningham, Davos Seaworthy himself, at the Game of Thrones experience at San Diego Comic Con, and the attention of the HBO Twitter account. We admit, we were a little surprised. But it showed off the hard work we did.

Our attempts at working with weaponry somewhat paid off in 2015 in our first attempt at working with Worbla. Our first attempt at cosplay builds from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY came with us to San Diego, where we spent about 30 minutes in cosplay before changing. It was a learning experience that we hope to revisit soon.

So that brings us to 2016. We have been asked before: “When are you going to make an official cosplay name?” We have plenty of acquaintances in the Cosplay community who all have their own monikers and go by them on Facebook, Instagram and the like. We had ultimately put it off because we really could not come up with a good name, and we did not want to claim one that we were not 100% satisfied with. We realized that a name was right in front of our eyes.

During 2016, you’ll be able to find all of our Cosplay adventures under a name:

Nerds Doing Cosplay

What exactly is Nerds Doing Cosplay going to be? Just what cosplay might you see from us in 2016? How do you like your coffee?

Starting from today, we are going to be focusing all of our Cosplay adventures under this one title. You’ll see updates from us on what we may be working on, weekly character studies, costume breakdowns, material breakdowns, progression photos, tips & tricks, our final results, as well as our reflection on the entire process.

We plan to be more social! We love talking to all of you, and you are leaps and bounds the creative types who would give your opinion and feedback right back to us, and we want that! We want to know if you think something should look another way, or if you find a material somewhere cheaper than we got it. Basically, we wan to hear from you!

What about what you’e going to make, Nerds Doing Cosplay?! You’re forgetting that detail, you know! We know, and here it is!

Kingdom Hearts Anna and Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen

Captain Cold and Golden Glider from DC’s The Flash

Star Wars/Game of Thrones Mashup: Sith Cersei & Jedi Jaime

Rooster Teeth’s Pyrrha and Jaune from RWBY

1920’s Pokemon Trainers

Gardevoir & Gallade from Pokemon

Shirayuki & Zen from Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter

We’re super excited to get the ball rolling in 2016 and cannot wait to bring you all along for the ride with us!


One of these Nerds doing Stuff. Can be found drinking cider on the weekends, and attempting to sing any Disney song in his brain that he can come up with in the shower. Thinks albums sound better on vinyl. Collector of useless trivia and references. Puns a plenty.

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