Every hero needs their own sidekick. Ice cream needs its own assortment of toppings. So when it comes to the world of weddings and making the groom look good, every groom (and their merry band of groomsmen) needs their own perfect pair of cufflinks. We figured that with our own big day coming in November, what better way to make the ceremony just a bit nerdier than with your own nerdy set of cufflinks!

The place to find these? Etsy. It is a veritable goldmine of some of the nerdiest, most spectacular pieces of cufflink work of art than you could possibly think of. Here are some of our favorites and where you can find them.

il_570xN.664919428_l7gmOur first set that we absolutely loved was from the creative minds at Mark and Metal. When you want to boldly go where no groom has gone before, you should pick up your own set of Star Fleet Insignia cufflinks that looks like they can be right off the deck of the Enterprise!

Say you are looking for the other galaxy “far, far away…” but are having trouble deciding which side of the Force you should choose? Let Mark and Metal choose for you with these awesome Darthil_570xN.676867497_kvo2 Vader cufflinks. Luke…I think you look stylish.

From star speeders and phasers, we bring the next set of cufflinks a little more down to earth. What better way to celebrate the nerdy culture that everyone at one point or another grew up with than having your favorite game, right on your cuff?

That’s right, were talking Zelda. We’re talking Mario. Heck, we’re even talking the best of the best, Duck Hunt (though I may be exaggerating, I still think it’s pretty badass. You get that duck you silly dog, you get that duck.

Etsy seller A Little Awesome does the very thing their store states. They make a little awesome in every cufflink they sell.



il_570xN.411021290_mn60But wait, you may be asking: “Nerds Doing Stuff, what if we don’t want something video game related? What if we like something say…pancakes?” Don’t worry. They have you covered there. Yes, you heard us correctly: Pancake. Cufflinks.

They are making our mouth water as we type. But the food doesn’t stop there, not one bit. You want hot sauce? Boom, they have hot sauce cufflinks. You want coffee? Quench your java thirst with some coffee cufflinks. You can even go “yoohoo!” for a set of Yoohoo (the chocolate milk) cufflinks.

We mentioned superheros earlier, so it would be remiss of us to not include some of our choices for superhero cufflinks in this article. We think we found the perfect ones to save the day.

Skeltons Teasures makes these Captain America cufflinks that would make a weak person into the super-serum’d hero in no time. But wait, you can also get Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Aquaman, the Avengers logo, and the Flash!


il_570xN.728393024_ie2f il_570xN.807430202_5x8y il_570xN.807431378_7bly il_570xN.788611056_42ee il_570xN.789946322_hvq7 il_570xN.810259998_kbdmThese shops are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the cufflink you may want to purchase. We think they are all equally awesome and each have their own charms that make us want to adorn them on our cuffs on our wedding day. Who knows, maybe we will!

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