Like a leaf on the wind, Firefly continues to soar. Whether its in the hearts of fans new and old, brand new fan-made animation of the intrepid crew, or the continued presence at convention after convention, just the name Firefly can bring in a crowd. While the event needs no help doing that, Long Beach Comic Con is bringing two of the cast to the convention this year. Special Guest announcement after the jump!

Summer Glau and Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin will be in attendance during the convention, which takes place September 17th and 18th in Long Beach, California.

Though the star-studded announcements might not be done with. In a tweet today, Long Beach Comic Con had this to say about the special guests:

If they are sticking to the Firefly theme, we’re guessing an announcement featuring Alan Tudyk, who played the amazing Wash on the show, is coming. It would fit, especially with the success of Con Man, which is currently preparing their 2nd season for November release.

*UPDATE* We were sort of right, but kind of totally wrong about the next announcement being Alan Tudyk. Joining the Firefly cast members will be not one, but two more of the original cast: Sean Maher and Jewel Staite!

We will keep an eye out for that announcement and update you when we see it. Until then, stay shiny!

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