Two pattern pieces, carefully aligned, finally perfect after what feels like ages of careful finagling, ready to be pinned and transferred to the sewing machine. You reach for a pin. Your fingers grasp air. You stretch a little further. Nothing. You tear your eyes away from the miraculously aligned pieces and see it. Sitting across the room, perched on the last surface you worked on. Your pins. That’s when you realize you’ll be saying goodbye to the perfect alignment you had managed to get just right on the first go.

It took you weeks to find the perfect frame for the exclusive poster you tracked down at last year’s Comic Con. Another month of sitting, beautifully framed, against the wall as you agonized over the perfect placement. But today’s the day. You hoist that beautiful symbol of nerddom against the wall and even use your level to make sure it’s perfectly straight. All that’s left is to drive a nail into your drywall and let the magic happen. You reach for a nail. Too bad the box of nails are sitting on the table five feet away, woefully out of reach.

We’ve all been there.

Okay, maybe I’m a little dramatic about it. But when you’ve been slaving over pattern pieces or finally getting around to hanging that photo you love so much, it’s easy to get caught up in both the momentum and the heightened despair when you’re thrown off your groove.

There are a lot of vocations and hobbies that require the use of small metal parts and a high level of two-handed coordination: jewelry-makers, seamstresses, woodworkers, builders, etc. When placement requires both hands, it’s hard to juggle these small metal parts, and we’ve all found ourselves cursing the heavens above when we’re unable to reach the much needed tools.

magnetic-wristbandGood news: there’s a solution! Magnetic wristbands are sold at many hardware stores. The problem? Well, they’re pretty bulky and not particularly exciting.

The Zelda wristband included in July’s Heroes 2 crate is awesome, but really has no place in my general wardrobe. That certainly doesn’t mean it’s unwearable! Instead of investing in one of those bulky, un-nerdified magnetic wristbands that hardware stores have available, why not add some high powered magnets and give this little wristband a second life?

This month’s hack is highly useful and exceedingly simple. It requires minimal sewing and a relatively small time commitment–wins all around!


1 x Zelda Wristband


1 x Seam Ripper

seam ripper

Heavy Duty Magnets


You need at least medium weight, however heavyweight would be ideal.
You need at least medium weight, however heavyweight would be ideal.

The Procedure

The basic lowdown follows thus: We are going to be flipping the wristband inside out, opening up the middle seam, inserting some high-powered magnets, and resealing aforementioned center seam. I feel like I’m cheating this month, but I know this super practical hack will save me a lot of headaches in the future.

The material on the wristband is very thick, so we will definitely need some pretty heavy duty magnets in order to hold our metal supplies on the outside. I ended up using some heavy magnetic rounds that I’d picked up from Jo-Ann and stuck down to a flat surface before inserting so they would stay in place. These seemed to be the bare minimum for effectiveness, so if you have some higher strength magnets, use those instead.



Now, off you go harnessing the power of Hyrule…well, magnetic fields, for all your practical needs. While the magnets are virtually useless for breaking pots, they are not without their charm. It’s not overly bulky once the magnets are in place, so you can totally still rock this as a stylish wristband AND be completely prepared for when one of your friends inevitably needs a magnet. Which happens, like, all the time, right?




basic ground rules for each month’s hack: I want my crafted hack to be as widely accessible as possible. I know that everyone does not have two rooms full of crafting supplies at their disposal, as I do, so the intent is to create something using as few and as common supplies as I possibly can. That doesn’t mean I won’t try and do some crazy specialized things if the motivation hits, but there will always be a version that can be easily and cheaply replicated.

This project is done entirely for fun. I have no affiliation with Loot Crate, just a love for their nerdy boxes and the cool stuff that comes inside each month. I appreciate the inspiration that their themes and items allow, as well as the opportunity to play with things I would never otherwise purchase for myself.

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