Misha Collins, widely known for his role as Castiel on CW’s Supernatural, is back to the activist grind with a new fundraising venture. This time, it’s a gofundme page that seeks to raise enough money to purchase the private data of the Congress members who have voted to sell our personal data to the highest bidders. Of course, it’s not exactly as simple as selecting which guy’s browsing history you want to see and paying a fee to get a glimpse at it, as many, many others have pointed out, but it’s a gesture nonetheless designed to keep people–namely, the legions of fans invested in the Misha Collins persona–informed, interested, and engaged. Far more law-savvy folk than I have breached the tangled mess of lies and truths concerning the Obama-era law that was recently overturned, and I suggest doing your own research and making sure you know everything you possibly want to know in order to make any decisions regarding donating to campaigns like these. Though unlikely to yield results that many people are hoping, this campaign does serve to keep people active and will make for a hefty donation. Donate. Don’t donate. I can only weigh in on one aspect, and it’s that Misha Collins does good with every action he takes.



It’s increasingly common to see actors and actresses use their (often very large) public platforms to advocate for change, promoting human rights and pushing fans to be informed and engaged in the world around us. In today’s world, such uses for these widespread platforms have become vital to spreading awareness and creating the change we want to see. 

While this humanitarian and politically driven push from public figures is a more recent phenomenon, Misha Collins is an example of a man who didn’t just take to the podium after the recent election. Misha Collins has been working tirelessly to push for change, love, and giving for years now–almost since the moment he shot to fandom stardom as the fan-favorite Castiel on Supernatural. Misha Collins suddenly found himself with a dearth of dedicated fans willing to listen to his every word. This sudden influx of willing-to-obey “minions”, comprised of people across the age spectrum and from all pockets of diversity, could have easily fallen to hero worship and shallow discourse driven by the show and the show alone. Similarly, Misha could have decided to dismiss the fans entirely. Instead, Misha Collins saw a huge group of people, many hurting and lonely and filled with unimaginable potential, who could benefit and grow from their mutual adoration of him. He also saw an immense opportunity to do good. 

And that’s what Misha Collins does. He does good. It takes many forms, from charity to relationship-building to creating support systems for those facing hardship or strife. He has adopted a loud, unapologetic stance towards politics and uses his voice to organize and inform. Misha Collins is dedicated to changing the world. Misha Collins is the man who has pledged to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Here’s the thing. Misha Collins is fierce in his support, direct in criticism, and wholeheartedly invested in the causes that catch his eye. 

This is a man who has managed to find the perfect blend of complete asshole and most caring, involved human person this Earth has ever seen. Because don’t get me wrong: there is a sarcastic aloofness that is attached to his responses, a cynical humor in every phrase, broken by raw honesty and genuine concern. He’s going to giggle about the losers waiting in line to see his panel on Twitter and then show up with coffee for everyone in line an hour later, bring people together with silly hunts that break ice and forge deep bonds while making them wear a suit made from cheese, and create opportunities for people who may not know how to join the fight to step up and be a part of the change all while tweeting silly criticisms at political leaders.

You’ll do anything he says.

Trust me. Once, I showed up at an address in Pasadena and let Misha Collins direct me in hauling rocks from one giant stone pile to another in someone’s backyard, stopping for a dance break whenever “Eye of the Tiger” started playing. I’ve still got the souvenir chunk of rock we were ordered to keep. My back hurt for a week. I met one of the coolest ladies in the world and we remain friends to this day. It was bizarre as all hell. It was magical. 

The experiences I’ve gotten the chance to be involved with because of both GISHWHES and Misha Collins in general are vast, so it’s time to leave this here before I start posting photographic proof of Misha Collins being a real-life Angel on Earth. Because we’d be here a good long while. 

So check out GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), donate to Random Acts, and keep on keeping informed. 

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