See what we did there? The June 2015 Loot Crate brought more than just excellent “CYBER” themed goodies (No Spoilers here!), but it also brought us another bit of news: Loot Crate and Nerd HQ.


Held within the shiny details of the  June Loot Crate Magazine, Loot Crate will be showing off to the masses of Nerd HQ this year at the New Children’s Museum. What can we expect Loot Crate to bring? If their addition is anything like their crates, they will be bringing all sorts of fun for San Diego Comic Con attendees. The magazine also included a fantastic interview with none other than Zachary Levi, one of the brains behind Nerd HQ. Check out what he has to say about what is coming this year at Nerd HQ:


You read that correctly! The highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront is making its way for gameplay into your nerdy hands if you stop by Nerd HQ. Being the featured game of Nerd HQ should mean there will be plenty of chances for you to play to your hearts content. From the lines of folks waiting at this year’s E3, it’s a given that this will be an incredibly popular addition!

With IGN as their official media partner, the folks who can’t be at the event or snag a ticket to the Conversation for a Cause of their choice can still watch the streams, watch more interviews, and check out all the behind-the-scenes that goes into Nerd HQ.

Besides giving a bit of a sneak peek into what is coming, Zachary Levi also shared what his favorite part of Nerd HQ is with the Loot Crate team. His answer really is something special.


We definitely agree with you there Mr. Levi.

Nerd HQ runs Thursday, July 9th-Sunday, July 12. Keep an eye out on their Twitter account for updates (such as the Conversations for a Cause panels) as the event draws nearer.

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