With announcements starting to trickle out on all fronts for San Diego Comic-Con, and the lists of outside events starting to grow long (70 or so were listed last time we looked,) the one big question on convention goers minds was: “Where is Nerd HQ?” The fan event hosted by Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine had let people know via their social media that Nerd HQ was indeed happening this year and details were coming soon. And would you look at that, we have details! Let’s get nerdy!

Location, Location, Location!

Nerd HQ in past years has held some great locations. Our first Nerd HQ happened at Jolt n’ Joes, followed the next year by somewhere that, to our knowledge, is not even the same in the Gaslamp anymore. In recent years, Nerd HQ took over parts of Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. With the announcement that Nerdist was taking over the space there, it was up in the air where NerdHQ was going to be making its home. The new home for NerdHQ is the New Children’s Museum! Located just off the Gaslamp district, and adjacent to hotels such as the Marriot Marquis and the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the New Children’s Museum’s creative venue providing a 35,000 square foot, three-floor space that will host an expanded (even more so than last year) Conversations for a Cause panel series, fan-focused interactions, and exclusive hands-on game play with a number of 2015’s biggest titles. We cannot wait to see what they have to offer there!


You’ll find Nerd HQ at the New Children’s Museum from July 9th to July 12!


Nerd HQ does not come locked, loaded, and ready to go each year. There are tons of things to do, and Nerd Machine this year seems to be partnering up with some amazing sponsors to get the ball rolling. The main sponsor? IGN. According to IGN:

IGN is teaming with Nerd HQ 2015 as their global media partner, helping to bring Nerd HQ to the fans who can’t make it to San Diego. We’ll be streaming all of Nerd HQ’s Conversations for a Cause panels on IGN as well as on our YouTube channel. The streams will also be available on TheNerdMachine.com and the Nerd HQ App. IGN will also be hosting its own live stream throughout Comic-Con.

The news that all panels will be streaming on IGN, their Youtube Channel, theNerdMachine.com, and the Nerd HQ app takes a load off for people who may not be able to get their hands on the tickets for the ever popular panels that happen within Nerd HQ each year. Those sell out almost as quick as SDCC badges themselves!

Nerd Machine’s good friends over at Petrol Advertising are planning to get the best activations and programs happening all around SDCC right to the floor of Nerd HQ for all of the attendees to enjoy.

You want gaming? Nerd Machine sponsor AMD. will be bringing the latest in technology gaming and the entire second floor of the New Children’s Museum with the most anticipated games and title of the year. A whole floor dedicated to just that. Game fans, rejoice!

The App!

We thought the app idea last year was great for Nerd HQ, but it seemed to be lacking. Or we just were not using it correctly…we’re not sure. The app is back this year, and powered by IGN. We think that should work out quite nicely. What do you plan to find on the app? Here’s a list that will tell you all you need to know!

  • A complete schedule of Conversations for a Cause
  • IGN-managed stage events
  • Parties
  • Maps and more.

Also included within the app will be links to buy tickets for the Nerd HQ panels (good for when they are announced last minute) and push notifications that will inform users of special events like the “Smiles for Smiles” photo opportunities (great charity events that all should be willing to throw their dollars at.) You can download the Nerd HQ app for iOS and Android on June 12th, and Once downloaded and registered at Nerd HQ, guests will receive a collectible Nerd HQ wristband and the Badge of the Nerdolution. They will also be eligible for various exclusive incentives and prizes only available to registered visitors. How cool is that?

Conversations for a Cause!

What we love about Nerd HQ is how up close and personal fans can get to their favorite stars and creators, and this year should be no different. The popular Conversations for a Cause panels will be back and there are already details about pricing! You can start saving those dollars now folks!

Previous Conversations for a Cause panels have hosted talent such as Joss Whedon, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, Tatiana Maslany, Nathan Fillion, Sophie Turner, Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Jeff Bridges, Seth Green, Jared Padalecki, Katee Sackhoff, Guillermo del Toro, Vin Diesel, Kellan Lutz, Dylan O’Brien and Norman Reedus. Tickets for panels are $22, and all proceeds raised through ticket sales go directly to the non-profit organization Operation Smile whose mission is to help improve the health and lives of children across the world.

The Parties!

We know that nerds like to get down and have a good time. Which is why we are pretty excited to see that the popular Nerd HQ fan party has been extended to two nights! According to IGN and the Nerd Machine, by popular demand the Nerd HQ fan party has been extended to two nights: Thursday, July 9th and Saturday, July 11th. Be prepared to get your nerdy groove on!

The BEST part?

It’s all free. You didn’t get a badge for a specific day during SDCC? Head over to Nerd HQ and have yourself a grand ol’ time!

Need more information?

Check the video below!

Make sure you are following the Nerd Machine Twitter account, @thenerdmachine, head over to the Nerd Machine Website for details as they are announced, and keep an eye on all the plethora of social media folk and SDCC bloggers who will keep you updated when news breaks! Get excited folks, SDCC is coming fast!


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