This year’s Long Beach Comic Con wrapped up on Sunday, September 14th, closing out a weekend filled with jovial crowds, incredible cosplay, panels to entertain all curiosities, and enough heat to last quite a long time. Seriously, it was hot out.

Wanted to escape the heat? All you needed to do was head inside the convention center, as there was so much to indulge your senses in. We were able to sit in on a few panels, such as the “Psychology of Daredevil” panel on Saturday morning.The "Psychology of Daredevil" Panel

Focusing on the hit Netflix/Marvel show under the same name, the panel sought to “discuss the intersection of psychology and comic books, specifically focusing on the characters they write and play on Daredevil.” With panelists such as Dr. Andrea Letamendi, who has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage (writers Daredevil), and Daredevil actors Tommy Walker (Francis) and Peter Shinkoda (Nobu), the panel was a surefire way to gain some insight into the characters from the popular Netflix show, as well as learn some interesting behind-the-scenes fun facts. Fun fact: Vincent D’Onofrio sounds like someone who would be awesome to hang out with when he isn’t playing the villainous Fisk!

longbeachcomiccon_com__files__2015_LBCC2015-Show-Floor-Map_pdfMoving away from the panels, the exhibit hall was packed full of all things imaginable. You wanted collectibles, you got em. You wanted art? Artist Alley had your fix. You wanted to see some fantastic cosplayers? You bet! And signings? There was a whole dedicated section for signings from stars like John Barrowman and Chloe Bennet. Throughout the day you could see the crowds ebb and flow in this area, showing just how much fans love to meet their favorite stars!

We always tend to spend most of our convention cash on things here and there from the exhibit floor. Our takings this year were small, but awesome in their own right. Upon our hall adventuring, we found ourselves looking at the amazing art of Fictograph. We were surprised to see pieces of art from a series that doesn’t seem to get much buzz these days. We found Animorphs art in bookmark form, and we had to have them. It was one of those “We need this and we need this now” sort of purchases. Walking further along, we came across these amazing soaps (yes, soap) in different shapes of geekery: Pokeballs, Dragon Eggs, Hylian Shields, and more! We’re now the owner of a few Dragon Egg soaps of our own.

Cosplay continues to dominate the convention scene and Long Beach Comic Con had no shortage of amazing displays of creativity and fan dedication. You could walk anywhere within the show grounds, even the surrounding areas, and see cosplay. Long Beach Comic Con was even nice enough to have specific cosplay meet ups for photos, such as DC, Marvel, the SHIELD 50th Anniversary, Disney, and Doctor Who.

Even though it was our first year attending the convention, we could see the vast growth of the crowd, a comment that we had heard from many of the attendees who had been coming for years. The most common comment was that LBCC had gone from a small convention to a medium convention, bringing in the crowds to enjoy the event. That is not a bad thing! Seeing the upward growth of a convention is fantastic, but it is not without its own downsides.

Outside the Long Beach Convention CenterOutside the Long Beach Convention Center

The biggest comment that we heard in person and saw on social media was that the lines for badge pickup were not moving quick enough and that organization was lacking when informing guests with what was going on. We saw tons of volunteers when we first walked in the doors on Saturday and were almost hounded with “Do you need any help??” Seems like that was not the case in other locations around the convention. We also noticed that at many points throughout the day, the line for buying badges on site had no line compared to the crowds who pre-registered. We had seen this issue at bigger conventions, such as Anime Expo, where it was actually better to not purchase ahead of time. We did not see much of this issue on Sunday, which leads us to believe all was sorted out!

Long Beach Comic Con is a great way to spend your weekend and we can highly recommend that you attend next year! With the crowds that continue to stream through those doors, the great panelists, and the talented men and women who pack the exhibit hall, you will surely find anything your geeky heart desires!

Welcome to Long Beach Comic Con!


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