I know that the series premiere was 3 weeks ago, but bare with me kind folks of the internet I will hopefully be up to speed on reviews by the next episode, or I’ll just skip to episode 4 and start review weekly 😀 !

I have always found myself to be enthralled into the superhero genre. My love of the action-adventures and heart you find within the stories, it’s been near and dear to my heart. From the many incarnations of superhero movies that has been created, in recent years we have found ourselves bombarded by a depiction of the dark and gritty within the cinematic versions. From the super seriousness of the “Dark Knight” franchise, to the dull monochromatic cinematography of the “Man of Steel” I feel like directors and screenwriters alike should be able to find a balance of lighthearted yet seriousness instead of teetering on the side of the extreme on either side.

With CBS’ take on Supergirl, it brings a breath of fresh air as the series is depicted in such an upbeat, girl power kind of vibe that it can easily put a smile on your face, but leaves enough room for the tone to turn serious, as with being a superhero comes with the territory.

Within the first episode we are jammed packed with a backstory, action, two potential romantic leads, and building up the stories mythology that it can be a lot to take in such a short time frame but it all points to a clear path for the season.

Although it seem super cliche and typical for these type of shows to have a quick fly-by origin story, it seems as almost a necessary evil. How are we suppose to know who Kara Zor-El is and why she is important? In a quick flash back opening, we are given a narrative explanations of her beginnings and her purpose and role for being on earth.

Fast forward to the present and we see Kara all grown-up as a young adult, working as an assistant to a “Devils Wear Prada” style CEO, Cat Grant, an online and newsprint media mogul. For assistant Kara, she strives to live as perfectly normal as possible, but things take a turn as she tired of being normal and sets off to be who she was meant to be, a hero! It’s a nice change to see a superhero actually enjoy being a hero! After seeing the great burden of being the Dark Knight and seeing the world on the Man of Steel’s shoulders, it’s great to see a different direction of glee and excitement in a hero’s powers. This is the defining moment that separates Supergirl from Superman.

Also within the episode we get many reveals. One is her sister Alex, a secret agent for the DEO, who want to look out for Kara. Even though she doesn’t encourage Kara to jump into the Superhero role, none the less stands by her decision. Next is her two potential love interest James Olson and Winnn Scott, one who is the best pal to Superman himself, the other a adorkable I.T. Guy who obviously has it bad for Kara. I’ll be interested in seeing where Winn Scott is taken within the next season or two considering he’s named after super villain “The Toyman” …. interesting I might say.

This episode also set up the villains for the season. We find out that an alien prison, Fort Rozz, also crashed onto earth alongside Kara’s pod. We also come to find out very quickly that the prisoners are out for blood and revenge against Kara’s mother, Alura, for sending them to prison in the first place, but someone is pulling the strings in this operation.

What we come to find out about Supergirl herself is she’s determined to find her path away from her famous cousin. She believes in working as a team, explaining that her family motto and crest means working together, a much different angle than that of Superman who does it on his own without really asking for help. That fact that her first villain she slays is with great assistance from the DEO shows she isn’t afraid to seek assistance or help in anyway.

Now I may be a be fan of the pilot but with great success follows various flaws. The episode jam packed so much information in a one hour format is easy to miss something. Also, even though we get a clear picture of the main villain, it still feels as though we will be getting a baddie of the week type of episode, which has it’s place but I hope it opens up to an eventual lead onto the main villain, but time will tell.

I also feel the two breakout starts in this series so far is Melissa Benoist who plays Kara and Calista Flockhart as the ever demanding Cat Grant.

First off can we address Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart. She is absolutely fabulous as the hard-as-nails, demanding boss, and I live for strong female characters that know what they want, when they want it and you better keep up pace or get lost in the dust. Let’s not forget though behind that Miranda Prisetly realness is someone who is inadvertently the voice of reality for Kara, as blunt as she may be. My favorite quote is her explanation for why she coined the new hero as Supergirl and not Superwoman.

What do you think is so bad about girl? I’m a girl, and your boss, and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart. So if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem, you?

Also the fact she let Kara know that in a man’s world a woman needs to work twice as hard to raise to the top and get any sort of regards or recognition and even then it’s not a guarantee. That’s the kind of message I love as it is very true to life.

Secondly, Melissa Benoist is absolutely perfect in the role as Kara. She shows us that Kara is this young woman out to find herself and not only that is determined to find her own path away from the shadows of Superman. Not only that she show her personality as a cheerful, selfless, and a tiny bit insecure person who will put herself at risk to save those around her. That is the role model not only for girls everywhere but for people in general. I also love that she also lets Kara become vulnerable and soft as she show great pain in missing her mother, and seeing her hologram.

I know this series can only go up up and away and take off even more great than it has started and I know I’ll be tuning in weekly to see what comes up in the next Supergirl episode!


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